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قرأت لك.. "إبداع القيم" بحث فى علم الجمال والتذوق الجمالى المعاصر

I read for you.. “Creativity of Values” A research in aesthetics and contemporary aesthetic taste

It deals with a value of human and philosophical values, which is “beauty” or artistic creativity and aesthetic taste, one of the important topics for specialists in creative aesthetics, and many books have been issued to research this value, perhaps among them is the book “Creativity of Values ​​Studies in Contemporary Aesthetics.” Ramadan Bastawisi, issued by the Egyptian General Book Authority.

The book deals with the issue of beauty as a daily experience where man is exposed to different forms of beauty in life, where he realizes beauty in nature. Contemporary Literary Theory The Ego and the Other in Contemporary Aesthetic Thought Biography and Identity The book consists of 238 pages.

The book develops the daily experience in the sense of beauty through awareness of how beauty is perceived. It presents a historical idea about the philosophy of beauty and aesthetics in an easy way that makes deepening the experience available to the non-specialist person through scientific keys. Contemporary aesthetics raises many issues stemming from the development of contemporary life and the growth of awareness. The aesthetic in the different arts and the development of the arts and their various tools in the embodiment of the contemporary experience of man.

The relationship between truth in its various dimensions, such as social, metaphysical and art truth, is an important focus of discussions for many philosophers and estheticians.

Aesthetics studies the nature of the feeling of beauty and the constituent elements inherent in a work of art. People think of aesthetics when they ask why some things look beautiful and others are not, or whether there are basic rules for creating or interpreting paintings, poems, and good music. Artists and the public. Their understanding of art is improved by their knowledge of how artists envision, create and perform.

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Ramadan Bastawisi is one of the Egyptian professors in the field of aesthetics, and a pioneer of enlightenment and rationality who defended the values ​​of science and the role of reason in achieving the desired human progress. He supervised and discussed many university theses.