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قرأت لك.. هل يحتاج العلم إلى لغة عالمية؟ البحث عن إجابة

I read to you..Does science need a universal language? Searching for an answer

We shed light on the book “Does Science Need a Global Language?.. The English Language and the Future of Scientific Research” by Scott L. Montgomery, who discusses an important topic concerned with the future of science and the future of its language, which is the most important means of transmitting it to others.

The book, which was translated by Dr. Fouad Abdel Muttalib and whose translation was issued by the World of Knowledge series, says the author discusses the rise of English as a common language in science and technology since the beginning of the nineties of the twentieth century, and tries to explore the significance of the growing use of the English language by millions of people who are not native speakers.

Through an interesting methodological view, the author studies the use of English in scientific and technical fields in light of the historical record of previous languages ​​that served as common languages, including Greek, Syriac, Chinese, Sanskrit, Persian, Latin, and Arabic.

It also discusses the criticism directed at that use and evaluates that criticism and its positivity, and correctly notes that most of this criticism can easily be directed against the use of any other language that replaces English in the field of science.

This book can be viewed as a scientific work without a doubt. Its subject matter attracts a wide range of interested readers: those working in science, technology, and linguists, government officials in research and higher education departments, those interested in social and administrative sciences, teachers and designers of English language courses for academic educational purposes.

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