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قرأت لك.. "المدخل الحديث إلى علم الاقتصاد" هل يوجد اقتصاد إسلامى؟

I read to you.. “The Modern Introduction to Economics” Is there an Islamic economics?

We shed light on the book “The Modern Introduction to Economics” by Dr. Shawky Ahmed Donia, which discusses the idea of ​​whether there is what we can call Islamic economics.

One of the areas of life that has been given great care by Sharia is the economic field. It is no wonder that the economy is the backbone of life, and the world is not suitable without a good economy, and without the goodness of the world there will be no actual existence of any religion, let alone the religion of Islam.

This book is a modest effort in this field, aimed at simplified and easy exposure of the priorities of Islamic economics. Rather, it is an introduction that allows the student to have some knowledge of the most important foundations and principles of Islamic economics.

As for the course of the subject and the depth of its details and ramifications, this has other areas in which the student may have previously acquired Islamic economic knowledge as a priority.

This book contains some aspects of what is known as microeconomics as well as some aspects of what is known as macroeconomics in addition to some basic concepts.

It can be said that the lack of a precise definition of the concept of the term “Islamic economy” and what is meant by it has contributed to the negative and oppositional stance of some economists, and also contributed to restricting the speed of achievement among its supporters, although this is not one of the singularities of Islamic economics, as the secular economy has lived for a long time. From time to time this is the case, not only in concept, but also in term, and this is something economists are well aware of.

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