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"رفضت أنوثتي ولست صديقة لزوجة والدي".. أبرز ما قالته هند صبري ببرنامج "السيرة"

“I rejected my femininity and I am not a friend of my father’s wife” .. the most prominent of what Hind Saber said

12:24 PM

Friday 03 September 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist, Hend Sabry, revealed many details of her personal life during her guest appearance in the first episodes of the new season of the “Sira” program presented by Wafaa Al-Kilani on the dmc channel.

In the following lines, we monitor for you the most prominent of what Hend Sabry said:

– “The most difficult stage in my life was the moment my mother and father separated, two weeks before the high school exams, and what a place where I was. His time collapsed and the exam was stifled.

– “The day my parents separated, I was at school and came home, Mama said to me… Babaki will not come back again… Then I interrupted my father and I did not respond to his calls despite his attempts to talk to me.”

– “I blamed my father, and I told him about 4 years ago.. the problem is not in the separation.. the problem is how did the separation happen, because in the end the separation is permissible, but I felt at that time that my world had collapsed.”

– “I met my father at the airport, and the first thing I said to him was… I miss you.”

“My father’s wife and I are not friends, and I would have been upset if I had given birth to him.”

– “My mother and I went through bad economic conditions after her separation from my father… I had to work and study at the same time… I was saying, Lord, give me strength to continue.”

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– “I have never felt alienated in Egypt, and the first time I arrived in Cairo, I felt that I knew the country well, and for hours I said I was an Egyptian imp, so I am fluent in the Egyptian dialect.”

– “My mother did not refuse my settlement in Egypt, she came with me and lived here, and I had (an uncle) settled in Egypt, which made it easier for me to convince my parents to settle in Egypt.”

– “My features changed to a female at the age of 13 or 14, and men started looking at me.”

– “The first day of filming for me, I was terrified, and the cinema workers have a kind of openness… I was afraid to complain to my mother because she wouldn’t stay at home.”

– “I rejected my femininity, and began to wear men’s clothing, even in my personal life. I am not a female, and I do not like anyone who focuses on my femininity.”

– “The first time I came to Egypt.. People said who is the girl who is coming to do these hot scenes, and this was a big difference between my community in Tunisia and Egypt, and at that time the term clean cinema spread, and I had to review myself, because I did not know the difference between the two societies.”

– “Once director Daoud Abdel-Sayed said to me after that.. Hind, you have given up and you are not on the same thought and enthusiasm that Egypt brought.”