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"I see your soul passing between the theaters of Damascus"... Maxim Khalil mourns his mother

“I see your soul passing between the theaters of Damascus”… Maxim Khalil mourns his mother

“To the woman who shook the walls of my heart.. I see your soul cross between the theaters of Damascus.” With these touching words, the Syrian artist announced Maxim Khalil His mother, Stella, passed away on Thursday.

Khalil published a picture of him with his mother on his Instagram account and wrote: To the woman who shook the walls of my heart.. I see your soul crossing between the theaters of Damascus.. I see her walking in the old dialogues that she loved.. behind the actor’s mirror.. and behind the scenes of Qabbani.. and the history of the Higher Institute. between Dummar and the Umayyads.. I see her fleeing from a body that no longer resembles her.. as strong as she was.. free as she was.. loyal.

He also continued: “I see her in her place… in the hands of the Lord… surrounded by friends of the beautiful time… where there is no place but to laugh.. I see her in the sky… She looks at me in my loneliness… She holds my hand in my long loneliness… from childhood to eternity.” She guards me until the time of the meeting. She embraces me until the Day of Judgment. I see her now reassuring. With the fever of the Most Merciful.

“I’m an orphan now, mom.”

To that, he added: “Stella.. my love.. “I am an orphan now, my mother.” Mama, my love, Stella Khalil, peace be upon your soul, I love you so much.. I will miss you.. God is with you, my heart.. rest, my love, rest.. Don’t worry about anything.”

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It is noteworthy that the makeup expert, Stella Tomilovitch, is one of the most famous makeup artists of the Syrian drama, and she was known as Stella Khalil after her husband Hani Khalil.

In addition to her experience in the art of makeup, she worked in fashion design for a number of famous Lebanese series.