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قصة "مريم" مترجمة مؤتمر مدرب السنغال: "كنت بقول من جوايا يارب مصر تكسب"

I volunteered in the “African Nations” 2019 .. the story of “Maryam”, translated, a match conference

02:13 PM

Saturday 26 March 2022

I wrote – Doaa Al-Foli:

During the match between Egypt and Senegal, Maryam Abdel Hakim was in the media booth, encouraging the national team, jumping with joy when a goal was shot into the opponent’s net and terrified if the ball approached the Egyptian team’s goal, while the situation changed when the press conference began after the match that ended with Egypt’s victory with a clean goal, the 25-year-old was removed the robe of cheerleading, she wore the clothes of neutrality; She sat on the guest stand to take over the interpretation task during the press conference following the match, in the presence of Alesso Cisse, coach of the Senegalese team, and player Calido Coulibaly.

Yesterday at 1:00 p.m., Maryam was with her colleagues at Cairo International Stadium, to facilitate the work of media professionals. The graduate of the Faculty of Information, Cairo University, got used to that kind of fatigue, “It will be a long and difficult day, full of details..but we are happy,” Maryam says to Masrawy.

Since 2019, Maryam has volunteered in various football tournaments, “it was the first time in the African Nations Cup”, where her role was limited to helping the Egyptian and non-Egyptian media teams inside the stadium and in press conferences, but the young woman wanted at the time to take on another challenge “I decided to volunteer as a translator, and then I started translating for the first time, but through the booth, and the translation will be through headphones.”

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Maryam’s volunteering for translation was not easy, “there will remain an examination committee in which there are senior professors from the media and translators, because the translator is not his role to transmit words, but he must be intelligent and able to manage the situation.” African Nations U-23 and the World Handball Championship in 2021”, and although they do so for free, “I am always grateful that, thank God, I achieve a good need and do something with love.”

The young woman in her twenties imbibed the French language because of the school, “she studied all the subjects in French for 14 years” and her mother, the French language teacher, helped her improve her level, while she mastered the English language in parallel, but this did not prevent me from preparing well before every press conference or important match “I must review again the terms The football mission and I have to do an experiment with my mother before her.” Mary also focuses on the official words, “I can’t stay behind the coach of the team and say a colloquial or colloquial French word,” and when she is assured of her language skills, “I will prepare for any surprises that might happen at the conference.. not all the time. The world is smooth,” the translator knows from her past experiences.

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The role of the young woman does not stop at the interpretation, “I must conduct the dialogue between journalists and officials without causing any tension.. It must be quickly and accurately.” The most difficult thing she sometimes faces are long or complex questions. “Can someone make an introduction for two minutes for one question, and in the end the player Or the foreign director has his right to know the details that were said.” So, Mary usually asks journalists to make the questions direct and quick, while other challenges pass on her “when, for example, a journalist asks a question that has a purpose, and the way the question is asked can harass the existing official,” then her task becomes more difficult. “Pass the same question, but in a nicer way, without crises.”

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Maryam loves football, “and I consider myself a third-class fan,” she says with a laugh, adding, “This helped me a lot in translation because I understand the subject,” but that usually does not affect her performance as a translator. “For example, a technical director says that we have great hope to win the Egyptian team and I From inside, I say, Lord, Egypt wins, but this never shows anything about anything, nor the tone of my voice, and I translate his words.” This happened yesterday when she controlled her happiness at the press conference after the team’s victory, as well as her feelings during the first conference held the night before the match.

Wide positive reactions received by the twenty-year-old woman, “Everyone who talks to me says something nice with joy and thanks to our Lord very much.. He is a success from him.” A girl is trying to provide a different need in the football field, and this made me happy.” While her father and mother expressed their happiness with her, especially as they experienced their daughter’s anxiety before the match.

For Maryam, football events are an opportunity to experience an experience that makes her happy, “a need to renew my passion”, especially since she works in a French company away from the media field, while the accompanying volunteer team helps her to complete the journey, “Our relationship with each other is strong and we work with each other and we want all the time. The media image looks better what is”.