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Kandidát na předsedu Řídící komise fotbalu pro Moravu Oldřich Racek.

I want to stand together in Moravia, says the candidate to chair the steering committee, Rassik

I wasn’t completely satisfied until the last minute, but was contacted by people I respect, I work at a high level in football and have achieved something. They don’t care how football is made, they have a vision that they can do something so come close to me. I want to change something in football and another reason is that I don’t want to disappoint the people who trust me.

Will you disclose who expressed your support?

I have some first league clubs behind me, which I have their support in writing, otherwise I wouldn’t dare say they support me. Although these are people we can work with even when we shake hands and say something is right, it is true. They want elections to be held in a democratic way and for there to be an alternative to clubs in Moravia. I am also supported by the Moravian-Silesian Football League clubs. We want to join forces in Moravia, so that we can all unify our ranks, not trying to divide anyone, but to bring them together. This is our goal.

Football is experiencing a great recovery, what are the opinions closest to you?

People should all have fun together. I have my head like all of my pals, everyone wants to come up with something new, good, everyone has their own view of things, that is it. It is important to be able to sit back and look for ways in which we want to achieve strategic goals that we can well define. It is impossible to operate on the principle that we say what we do, and no one controls it. My decision was made on Wednesday, and I haven’t had a chance to talk more about the programs yet.

So you are not leaning towards anyone?

I don’t want to fight against anyone. If we talk about who has any kind of vision, we will surely reach a greater agreement with one candidate, with another on the contrary. I really haven’t had a chance to break this down yet. I know how I want to direct soccer aid in the areas of organization, management, marketing and human resources. When a person has the desire to work as well as the competencies, knows something and has an opinion of its own, then we must search for a common language. Football cannot be about whether someone is Peter or Paul, it is about trying to reach set goals.

Doesn’t your candidacy depend on the outcome of the general assembly elections?

Of course I don’t deal with that. I feel the support of more than one of the potential vice presidents of Moravia. There are more people who would like to work with me.

The President of the Moravian Steering Committee is elected by representatives of five regions, thirteen teams of the Moravian-Silesian Football League and fourteen clubs. How do you see your chance?

I haven’t communicated much with everyone yet so my starting line in this area isn’t exactly the best, but the interest of the characters was so great that I embarked on this project. One can lose, but one’s head is held high and honest.

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The long-standing chair of the Moravian Steering Committee is Pavel Nizval, who will be standing against you at next year’s meeting. What kind of discount is this?

We met several times and talked together, but I don’t want to evaluate the other candidates, that is not the point of my decision at all. I want to look to the future and focus on the work we can develop and take football forward. I do not understand at all that the choice is a struggle between two people, but the departments have the opportunity to choose the philosophy closest to them, for example, those they think have better competencies. I have spoken with representatives of Premier League clubs and the Moravian-Silesian Football League, who have expressed my support, and I want to talk to others and I hope to get a chance to do so. I want to convey what I can do, that’s it. When the opponent is better, he wins.

Who is Oldrich Rasik?
Born: December 4, 1978 in Brno
Profession: Vice Dean for Strategic Affairs and Development at the Faculty of Mathematical Studies, Masaryk University in Brno
Football Features:
One General Secretary at MěFS Brno
Vice Chair of JmKFS Jury (2014 – 2016)
Member of the Jury of the Steering Committee for Moravia from FACR (2015-2016)
Chairman of the Jury of the Moravia Steering Committee (2016-2018)
36 league matches as a main referee
About a hundred matches as a delegate in professional competitions
Instructor Football Rules 2015
Referee coach
Former football coach

In the fall, your name appeared in connection with former judge Robert Hagic, who was charged in a bribery case about Roman Berber. what do you think?

Yes you are right. This was related to a personal nomination as a member of the FACR Referees Committee. That show came one day and the next day, before I could ever comment on this show, I read in the press that I am Berbr sunroof, flipped Robert Hájek in Moravian competitions and that I should also be a candidate for FACR jury, not just as a full member , But already as its head. I’ve taken this as a necessary vortex for the water around me and to create an intentional connection with Mister Berbr, which suits someone well.

But you know Hájek.

We have known each other for twenty years, and we were both judges. However, I must defend myself against the fact that I am a pro-proprofik or perpreve schiber, because a year before the publication of this issue, with Ondra Pelikán, I was excluded from the league’s competitions, as a delegate, Ondra as a referee. We hadn’t taken any touches at the league stadium, so it was a surprise to everyone, and still be the case that we both are done. I suppose if my ties to Mr. Berber were close as the source said, then such an end would definitely not meet me, and I’d rather expect a career growth.

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However, you have been criticized by some officials for delegating Hagik often as Chairman of the Moravian Competition Judges Committee.

The selection of judges always had its own procedures, which we all followed. I set up the cast, my committee mates approved it and it was posted for over two weeks. Therefore, if a jury member or, if necessary, of the Moravia Steering Committee management has doubts about the authorization of any arbitrator, he can at any time file an objection or mention his replacement, without authorization. To this day, I have matching tables on my computer, so there is no problem counting the number of these tables made by any judge. Robert, like many of his other teammates, was an experienced referee and not only received a large portion of the matches. It’s just another question as to why his name is approached in relation to me. My goal on the cast was to have the best matches we have had, and young people to learn alongside them. That was our philosophy we tried to follow, and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary about it. I was sorry to use something like this, on the other hand, I say again that I don’t want to use anything similar in the pre-election race, or go back to it. I don’t need to defend myself against anyone.

Are you ready for a number of critics to oppose your candidacy and try to discredit you?

This was, of course, one of the factors that played an important role in deciding whether or not to run. I didn’t really want to get some people down, and on the other hand, I told myself that with this support one still couldn’t put my head in the sand. I can say no and live in peace so that people on the street don’t stop me asking who I am my friends. However, I think I have something to give football to. I am able to work with everyone, and I have never intentionally hurt anyone. I can reach out to people, communicate, seek common consensus and try to return football to the most popular sport in our country, not just in the field of sports. There is a lot of work and even the communication capabilities that exist today have not been fully utilized. It is necessary to work in all areas.

Can you be specific?

I also mean education, I want to help clubs because I feel that football has flaws in management. There are no set strategic goals for what we want to achieve. Goals are measurable and we can say that it worked, and we managed it that way, and we didn’t succeed at it, and we didn’t define it very well. Also where we want to improve is that a certain area has been neglected a lot. The sport that came to this is simply growing.

What will the clubs attract to him?

I want to communicate as much as possible so that people can communicate so we can help each other, and look for resources even outside of football. Communication inside and out needs to be improved, as they are now a social network, and they do not cost much money. People just have to find the time, space, and willingness to promote sports and youth. These are the main points. I would like to continue training in coaching, judging and management as I really see opportunities moving forward.

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Why do you think you are the right person for Moravia?

In football, I passed in all areas from the player, through the secretary of the local football association in Brno, the coach, the referee, the delegate. I do not belong to any club, so I am independent. It can be said that I know football from all points of view and envision it as a whole. Since I lecture in the field of sports management and marketing, I also collaborate with other sports federations, and in general I see that football cannot stand what it was, let’s say until 1989.

Did you mean that football needs to keep up with the modern era?

exactly. Children had no alternative, everything was easier, now they have a lot of options and we have to do everything so that as many people as possible play football and keep them in the sport. In this we need to create internal and external communication channels for the soccer ball to move where it belongs. It is the most popular sport not only in our country and the easiest way to lead to it also with quotes, because there was a playground in every village. They are falling into disrepair somewhere today, which is a shame.

But at the moment, the epidemics of the Coronavirus, football and other sports are stagnating …

I also see a social overlap of football in this matter, because children’s fitness decreased at the time of infection with the virus, which studies have shown. Football must also be restarted because people have stopped training, and some will find it difficult for their health, we must properly prepare the training process and return people to the stadiums while adhering to safety measures. Bringing children back to football and bringing it back to pre-Coronavirus levels is one of the key points waiting for us.

Procedures are slowly relaxing, so will football revert to traditional weekend events?

Nowadays, football can be an important social factor for the villagers, as they meet and look at their players, they want to have a nice environment, which is definitely another point. We cannot be content with what we have achieved, we need to improve the environment so that people go for the fun that is great for everyone, to enjoy watching children, playing sports and adults. The whole family can play next to the playground and it is a nice afternoon.