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"مش هـَطبَّع".. "الدحيح" يرد على الانتقادات الموجهة إليه بعد الحلقة الأولى

“I will not be normalized” .. “Al-Daheeh” responds to the criticism directed at him after

01:21 PM

Monday 14 June 2021

Books – Masrawy:

The page of the “Al-Duhaih” program presented by the journalist Ahmed Al-Ghandour on the YouTube platform issued a statement, a day after the New Media Academy announced its cooperation with Al-Ghandour, known as “Al-Duhaih”, to produce a new season of creative content for his program, which he presents in a fun educational and entertaining framework. And it tops the lists of the most watched digital content in the Arab region.

Al-Ghandour said in a statement on his page on the social networking site Facebook: From the hour of the presentation of the first episode of the Al-Duhayh program, on Saturday, there is a wide and varied area of ​​​​reactions, some of them were positive, and I am very grateful and thankful to them, and some of them were negative and violent and varied. It has spaces for accusations. This is the reason why I decided today to break my habit over the past four years, and to respond directly and clearly to these accusations; Because these are accusations that are very difficult to hear and I keep quiet and say time will answer them, as I used to do with the previous accusations that most of you are aware of.

He added: Briefly and clearly, my position is as follows:

1 – My position on the Palestinian issue is clear and declared, and it is the only position I have declared; Because it is true that I do not understand politics and do not like to talk about it, but I decided to announce my position on what is happening in Palestine during the past period; Because the criminality that was happening to our people there exceeded all imagination, and I expressed my feelings at the time without equivocation. I said I am biased towards them. Are these words emanating from a typed person or intending to remain a type?

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2 – The platform I came back to is basically an educational platform, it has nothing to do with People Daily, there is no funding, no support or anything else. But he was already in a partnership between the two platforms to teach a summer course, and the relationship ended completely last year. Therefore, the talk about the first platform financing the second, or the second financing the first is completely wrong. Based on this information, we decided to start dealing with them.

3 – At the same time, people fear and worry about being left in attempts to exploit or “poison in honey,” as they say, and based on that I would like to emphasize two things:

A – The content of the Al-Duhaih program will not change. It will not change with time to anything else. And it will not be a media mouthpiece for any party. As he was not a trumpet for any party before that.

B – This is an obvious need, and I do not need to say it. But I say it so that everything remains clear: I am in no way normal, nor will the content that I present be normal. I provide scientific content and I prefer to do that. I do not intend to change this, because I cannot do anything else.

He concluded: I reiterate my thanks to all those interested, you are my compass, and I am interested to hear you, and your objections and concerns are appreciated, and they are always important to me.