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I will study aerospace engineering and congratulate Mohammed bin Rashid on a medal on my chest

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The student, Mazoon Khalifa Salem Al-Haferi Al-Ketbi, who won first place at the state level in the elite track from Falaj Al Mualla School – Cycle Two and Three, Girls of Governmental Education, confirmed that the congratulations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, She has a badge on her chest.

She said: The congratulations of His Highness increased the joy by two joys. The glad tidings of a wise and feat who is keen annually to congratulate the pioneers and appreciate their efforts is a great honor for me, and it means a lot, and it is a great incentive and motivation for more successes in all fields, until we return the favor to that country that did not He spares us, but he created for us all the reasons for success and excellence.

She pointed out that she intends to study aerospace engineering at Khalifa University, because it is considered one of the advanced and distinguished universities, and it holds the first place in terms of academic evaluation at the state level.

She dedicated her superiority to the wise leadership, to her parents, who supported her and overcame all the difficulties she faced until she achieved first place at the state level, and to all her teachers who worked hard with her through distinguished explanations of all the lessons until she excelled many of the school’s students.

Mazoon told Al-Bayan that achieving first place is not easy, but rather through hard work, diligence, perseverance and careful planning since the beginning of the school day from inside the classrooms.

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She indicated that studying for long hours is not a reason for success and excellence, but rather focus, time management, diligence and seizing opportunities since the beginning of the school year.

She added that there were many challenges that students faced – especially – during the pandemic, and the regular and remote (remote) study that included it, all of which constituted a challenge, but thanks to the distinguished infrastructure and technology, all students were able to continue studying, indicating that she was able to organize the time. And facing the pressures of the study thanks to the careful and thoughtful planning until it was able to achieve the first place.

As for her father, Khalifa Salem, who believed in her abilities, he also did not hide his pride in his daughter, who confirmed that she is superior since the early stages of study. She is always in the first place, describing his daughter’s determination as indomitable. At times, her achievement of first place did not come out of nowhere. Rather, it was the result of continuous effort and acumen that I noticed on her since the beginning of her studies in the first grades.