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IAEA: Ukraine has lost all contacts with Chernobyl

IAEA: Ukraine has lost all contacts with Chernobyl

Atlanta, United States (CNN) – The International Atomic Energy Agency said, in a statement, Thursday, that Ukraine has lost all contacts with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The agency’s statement comes a day after the Russian-controlled plant lost its external electricity supply.

IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi said the agency was aware of reports that electricity had been restored to the plant and was looking for confirmation.

Earlier on Thursday, Ukraine’s nuclear power plant operator had told the International Atomic Energy Agency that emergency generators were providing electricity to the plant.

“The loss of communication by the Ukrainian authorities with the nuclear plant means that the operating authority is no longer able to provide updated information about the plant to the IAEA,” the IAEA statement said.

The International Atomic Energy Agency cited the nuclear power plant operator, saying: “According to the information received prior to the loss of communications, both of the plant’s two power lines were damaged, causing them to be disconnected from the grid.”

The IAEA statement stated that “this will not have a significant impact on the safety of the plant, as the cooling water in the plant is sufficient without the need for electricity.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency said the nuclear plant operating authority said 8 of the 15 reactors in Ukraine were still operating, including two reactors at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, 3 in Ravne, one in Khmelnytskyi and two in southern Ukraine. All four were normal.

Grossi said the IAEA was in contact with the Ukrainian authorities about the country’s radiation monitoring systems.

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