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Ibn Muhammad Ramadan surprises everyone with his innocent features in the latest appearance. This is how he appeared and the magic of hearts!!

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, surprised his fans and followers through his personal account on the Instagram photo and video site, with new photos that he collected with his wife and son, who caught the eye in the latest appearance.

It was noteworthy that the son of Muhammad Ramadan appeared with a look that made him very similar to his father, and the matter came because some flirted with his handsomeness and confirmed that he would attract attention from his father when he reached the age of youth.

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Muhammad Ramadan appeared with his family on one of the private planes, and his fans shared some of the scenes of his New Year’s celebration with his family.

Muhammad Ramadan is one of the most controversial stars, and throughout the last period he was keen to keep his family away from social media, which made some believe that he had separated from his wife and wanted to hide the matter, but those close to him denied this news.

Muhammad Ramadan continues filming his new series, Al-Omda, which is supposed to be shown during the Ramadan 2023 season.