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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Are you serious, Robert? Záruba and Hrdina started each other, Dominator reacted too

Milan MalecicAnd the right

Zaroub’s contribution started it all, as he repeated his point of view expressed before the start of the tournament, claiming that the “chasing of optimism” after successful preparation without a single defeat was completely disproportionate, according to the Czech national team for the world championship, when he was coach. Buchan didn’t have a single world championship medal.

Then Zeruba calculated the reasons for the national team’s arrival at the battlefield for medals.

“In the quarter-finals, some players explode emotionally. Compared to coaches in the past, Philippe Bichan and his assistants are impatient. I don’t remember many diverse attacks in my 29 years in the World Cup. Unfortunately, they also broke what they discovered before. For example , the commentator says “Lenc-Špaček-Stránský” or “Flek-Hanzl-Smejkal”.

Jerry Hrdina.


Then came the hero’s first reaction. The Czechs almost did not return from Riga until after the weekend with one of the precious metals, as mentioned before the tournament.

This team was supposed to bring a medal. Point. The first countries, Canada, USA, Russia, Swedes, Finns, took fourth place there. We had the best of the NHL available. “There’s no excuse for that, sorry,” said the three-time Stanley Cup winner.

However, Záruba told him that the Czechs had only the best “on paper”. “But the reality of the team was somewhere else from the start. Even before that. Winning trophies is no longer ‘only in name’. See Finland 2019, Canada-Russia in the quarter-finals, etc. Championship and playoffs for one match is a more delicate competition than the league Long term “.

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“So who was supposed to be there…? Are you serious?” The hero stood behind him.

Robert Zaroba.

Ribophoto ČT Sport/Vag

“But I didn’t write that we should have taken someone else. We just upgraded the past – and the great results certainly – of these players automatically to future results. It is exactly the expectation of prolific success and therefore unrealistic. Záruba replied: “The squad list before the World Cup looked good. “In my opinion, it is a solid assessment of the nomination.”

Then the hero ended the call with a reaction that he did not raise anyone. “We had to bring a medal to the rosters of other teams compared to us. Why didn’t things go that way, Besan has to explain. He chose the team and is responsible for the performance…”, Hiro stated that in the coming days, Pešán will present the championship evaluation to Hockey Association Executive Committee in the next few weeks, which he himself described as unsuccessful.

Ex-goalkeeper Dominic Hasek also responded to Zárub’s tweet about things heartbreaking for Pichan, which he previously found out with his assistants Straka and Špaček. “Robert is no longer just a commentator” (and let’s say statistically), the Olympic champion from Nagano wrote, but he’s also a new expert. On the other hand, we are all without exception,” he added some smileys.

Dominic Hashek.

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Jean EkforAnd the Sport

“So I’ve been doing it for 30 years now, I’ve been commenting on the national team all this time. This year I watched all 26 games, commented on most of them, and attended 12 of his last 15 practice sessions – so although our contact has been very limited, I have An idea about it. But of course – there will be a lot of brains here.”