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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Belarus-Slovakia 2: 5, the Slovaks started victorious in the World Cup! After a great introduction, they finally turned to drama

Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

The Slovaks got off to a great start. They won the opening season by three goals and laid the groundwork for an important battle win to advance to the quarter-finals. Busbecil opened the scoring in the fourth minute. On the other hand, Conrad caught Platt. In the ninth minute, Stefanovic was convicted of foul with a high stick, and the 2 + 2 penalty kick in the minute was too expensive for the Belarusians. First, Cehlárik pushed through the mighty cannon from behind the circle, then used the second part of the numerical advantage with a similar powerful blow to Pospíšil.

Goalkeeper Shostak caught the match in the match, and Taylor took his place. He stopped the flow of Slovak goals, although midway through the 16th minute he had a five-minute penalty kick until the end of Komarov’s match. Only a short time later, he was helped by the upper pole, where it ended up having Studijnich directed Cehlárik’s Show.

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In the second twenty minutes, the result did not change, although the Belarusians were close to him twice. Platt cleverly intercepted the pass and scored to make it 0-1. It was 0-1 on break. When he finished with it 36 ​​minutes after Jaranjovic’s shot, after a long video examination, the goal was not recognized due to the position of the attacking player in the goal area.

At the start of the 46th minute, Hrevik calmed the Slovaks with a fourth goal, which was used to check for possible offside after a training challenge, but the Belarusian substitute failed. In the 54th minute, Stefanovic used a five-to-three shot and deprived Konrad of a clean net.

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The Belarus national team is back to life, especially when Sharanjovi added another goal after 57 seconds. The NHL New Jersey striker was able to arrange a really exciting score after the Dáloga crime, but he didn’t switch penalties at 58:54. Then Cehlárik finished everything with an empty goal during Belarusian strong play.

“I saw two teams today. The person who skated well, played great weightlifting, was strong and aggressive in duels. But also the person who did not do many things the way he should have done. We have a young team and we have to quote the Slovakian media about the Slovak coach Ramsey His saying: “I work in some activities. But in the first trimester she came out for us, I was really excited about it. ”“ The positive is that we won, but we have to deal with some things better. Especially with regard to the blue lines. The Belarusians had a lot of renumbering and Konrad stopped us at that time, “Cehlárik said.

Ice Hockey World Championship in Riga – Group A (Olympic Sports Center):
Belarus-Slovakia 2: 5 (0: 3, 0: 0, 2: 2)
Goals and records: 54. Stefanovi (S. Kosticyn), 55. Šarangovič – 4. Pospíšil (German), 10. Cehlárik (Gernát, Studenič), 12. Pospíšil (Rosandi, Krištof), 46. Hrivík (Lantoši, Cehlárikrik), 60. ( Jarman). Judges: Ansons (LVA), Heikkinen-Sormunen (both Fin.), Zunde (LVA). Exclusion: 6: 6, plus N. Komarov (Belarus) 5 min. Until the end of the game. Usage: 1: 2. No spectators.
Belarus: Shostak (12. Dr. Taylor) – Bailen, Korobov, Znacharenko, Antonov, Lesovich, Schinkel, Valkovskij, Jeromenko-Sharangovich, Barry, Prince-Demkov, Druzd, In Komarov-Platt, S. , Stefanovic. Coach: Mikhail Zakarov.
Slovakia: Konrád – Gernát, Rosandi, Nemec, Ďaloga, Grman, Jánošík, Gachulinec, Kňako – Cehlárik, Hrivík, Lantoši – Skalický, Krištof, Pospíšil – Studenič, Miloš Romaný, Faška-Rudovsk. Coach: Craig Ramsay.
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