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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Finland – Germany 2:1, the Finns made the most of everything, repeating the battle for gold against Canada

INTS KALNINSAnd the Reuters

The Germans, who reached the semi-finals of the tournament after 11 years, started very actively, but Olkenora grabbed everything for them. On the other hand, the first serious danger before Niedberger meant a change of state. After Londella’s pass, Pakarinen finished the first half with a knockout shot and the ball passed between the hand and body of the German goalkeeper.

Suomi only produced five shots in the first part, but they won them by two goals. When the talented German Sider threw a big chance to renumber, an immediate counterattack came with a spirit you can’t provide, you get. Captain Antilla passed the disc to Björninen in a jiffy, extending the Finns’ lead with a shot between concrete 65 seconds before the first break.

Hanis Björnenen celebrates his goal against Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals.

INTS KALNINSAnd the Reuters

For Germany, which last won the World Cup in 1953, it has long been difficult to establish itself against the defense of the champions of the League. Only during Sund’s stay on the bench due to possession were they able to cast a spell on the Finnish goalkeeper, who scored a bulletproof goal in Riga for 127 minutes. After only 16 seconds of intense play, Blachta’s strike, the striker of Polish origin, slipped behind him.

German hockey players celebrate a 1:2 goal against Finland.

INTS KALNINSAnd the Reuters

The Finns were able to pacify Lundell and Ujamaki, but their chances did not materialize and Germany won the match, whose Finnish coach Söderholm found a fairly effective way to get his countrymen into trouble by being aggressive in fights for the puck.

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The German side lacked a more subtle ending, whether it was Kahun’s actions or Kunkel’s. Olkinuora made a total of 28 successful tackles in the semi-finals, his toughest five minutes against Noebels. The Finns had no choice but to focus on defending their lead up close, but they did well.

German striker Lukas Richel.

INTS KALNINSAnd the Reuters

Their opponent attempted to equalize in playing power, as he succeeded in the quarter-final against Switzerland. The Germans reached this variant of the match without a goalkeeper with 108 seconds left. Eisenschmid was very close to the target at 2:2, which he could have used Kahun’s pass, but defender Määttä was able to alter the puck’s flight path in the last minute.

World Ice Hockey Championships in Riga, semi-finals:
Finland – Germany 2:1 (2:0, 0:1, 0:0)
Goals and Scores: 14. Baccarinin (Londel, Casci), 19. Bjornin (Antila) – 32. Blachta (Cedre, Cahon). Judges: Björk, Nord (both Swedish) – Heinek, Ondraczyk (both from the Czech Republic). Exclusion: 4: 3. Usage: 0: 1.
Finland: Olkinuora – Koivisto, Sund, Kaski, Määttä, Pokka, Ohtamaa, Nousiainen, P. Lindbohm – Anttila, Björninen, Mäenalanen – Ojamäki, Lundell, Swedish – Pakarinen, Kontiola, Innala – J. Sallinen, Ruohomaa, Turun. Coach: Yuka Yalonin.
Germany: Niederberger – Moritz Muller, Seider, J. Muller, Holzer, Novak, Gawanke – El Reichel, Noebels, Pföderl – Blachta, Kahon, Eisenschmidt – Kunkel, Loebel, Rieder – Kastner, Kramer, Peterka – Tevils. Trainer: Tony Soderholm.
USA – Canada 2: 4