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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 |  Football to NHL  Talent (21) draws the English to the World Cup produced by Arizona

Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Football to NHL Talent (21) draws the English to the World Cup produced by Arizona

He first wanted to become a football player. But it encouraged him to be an alternative. He chose hockey and did well. Liam Kirk became the first British player to make it to the NHL three years ago. September at the Riga Championship. So far, he has been one of the highest scorers in the tournament, scoring five goals in five matches. One of them tapped Belarus and helped take care of one of the biggest emotions of the championship.

The World Cup is full of surprises like never before. A sharp start for Slovakia, who defeated the Danes, the Kazakhs, the Belarusians and Russia. But England’s first win in the elite division of the Championship since 1962 has surpassed all. Super Talent Liam Kirk is the youngest player of his choice at the age of 21. A rising star that the British had never had before.

“It came to our attention, but we want to show the world that we are a hockey nation,” said Sheffield’s native after the initial defeat to Russia 1: 7. Immediately the British harassed the Slovakians (1: 2), with Denmark they fell in extra time and defeated Belarus. It was more than they thought. More than anyone can believe.

Similarly, some expect a player interested in the NHL one day in the UK. “Everyone wants to play in North America as a boy, but in the UK they will say they’re ready to stay in school and do the right thing. I want to prove that it doesn’t matter where you come from. If you have a desire, if you believe in something, you can achieve anything,” Kirk said.

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Liam Kirk British victory over Belarus with two goals

Liam’s father, Matthew Kirk, played cricket. He himself first started playing football in his hometown of Yorkshire. In interviews, he mentions sitting on a bench because he doesn’t have enough. Over time, he lost interest in football. “When I was six, I wanted to play for Sheffield,” he admitted. It was fulfilled for him. His second home only became Hockey Steelers.

The British team won the 1936 Olympics with many natural Canadians. He was seen a few times among the elite, last defending himself a year ago. However, hockey for children has never been the first choice. “My friends always saw this as a weird game,” Kirk recalled. “They didn’t think anyone in England could play hockey. I used to play hockey on roller skates in front of the house. They teased me that if I wore my skates and went to the snow, I could come to the national team.

Liam Kirk (center) has already scored four goals in the championship

So he did. He started playing for adults at Sheffield when he was fifteen. He is a Junior O.H.L. In spent two seasons in Peterborough, where he scored a total of 98 points, serving in the Swedish low competition. In 2018, he was drafted by Arizona in the sixth round. As the first player to be born and raised in the British Isles.

“Depending on how he approaches hockey and how he performs, he has a chance to get into the NHL sooner or later,” predicted his coach Paul Thompson from Sheffield, where he returned before the season. He’s fast, he can do it with a buck. Vika Jacob wins with the same ease as Vrana. He hadn’t even picked up a point in the previous six championships the year before. Now he is one of the best snipers. Football instead of hockey is another step forward and an incredible victory for the players of a country that has always been a religion.

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