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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | From the mud to the top! We crossed out a lot of people already, Captain Canada is shining

INTS KALNINSAnd the Reuters

“It’s unbelievable. I’m sure a lot of people have already written us off, but we still believed in each other,” said Captain Adam Henrique. After the final loss in the base group with the Finns 2:3 after separate raids, the Germans helped them win over Latvia finally into the quarter-finals. In the qualifiers came a sleepy round that ended with a dream victory!

Coach Gerard Gallant explained: “I’m proud of the boys because they didn’t give up after a tough start.” The Canadians gradually got rid of all competitors in the playoffs.

“The start of the tournament wasn’t as per our expectations, but as a team we got together,” said recent champ Nick Paul, who split a thrilling overtime of 66:26 and untied the spirited Canadian festivities.

Meet the Canadians, the new world champions…

Sergey GrietsAnd the ČTK / AP

Five years later, Canadians once again stood on the global throne, and with the 27th title in history they were equal to the Russians (respectively Russia and the Soviet Union). “In overtime, we thought about all our returns throughout the tournament. None of this was easy. We lost our first three group matches (with Latvia, USA and Germany), and managed to turn the duel with Russia… We just thought we could do it. Once again!” striker Maxime Comtois told the website of the International Hockey Federation.

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Frustrated Finns. Contiola says the medal is no consolation. The coach did not hide much pride

“We went on the ice with a sense of relaxation and overtime dictated us,” said the Anaheim striker, who tied 1:1 in the Battle of Gold on Sunday and scored Enrique’s second goal in the final for overtime. Championship, I remember the comments… People didn’t give us a chance. But we proved to everyone that they were wrong,” warms Comtoise.

“It was a good tournament and we won’t sleep much today,” Henrique added.

Paul cut the huge drama. Canada rules the world of hockey again after five years!