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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Great Britain – Denmark 2: 3 PP, Outsider upset the Swedish winner and got first point in the World Cup

Roman KoksarovAnd the ČTK / AP

In the table below, the British have – temporarily at least – Sweden last in the table. “It’s a shame, but the elimination in overtime came dearly for us. We are disappointed that we only have one point. But we are gradually developing during the tournament. National team duel.

The match began with a shock at the expense of the favorite northerners. In the third minute, O’Connor’s long-range attempt ended in the top corner of the raid goal and the British celebrated the lead. The Danish team scrambled to balance, but faced the Bones who had already tortured Slovakian hockey players in a previous duel.

2021 World Ice Hockey Championship

The World Hockey Championship is underway From May 21 to June 6 In Latvia. Riga hosts all the group stage matches and playoffs. The Czechs are playing in Group A. Zlato from 2019, defending the choice of Finland, and the Czechs will try to improve fourth place.

The Danes equalized in the 11th minute, when Jacobsen defeated Bounce with a backhand kick. In the 13th minute, the Northerners played their first strength game and did not despise the offer. Less than a minute later, Niklas Jensen prematurely put the wrong Venus back into the game. This was the fourth goal of the Danish Championship.

At the start of Act Two, the British played a great move right after the Bulls, and it wasn’t enough for the Lake to rise in the fall. But their raid struck well. Boedker didn’t take a good opportunity to increase the lead, on the other hand upset the Danish goalkeeper with Dowd’s backhand kick.

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The Northerners could not continue the game and the shooting advantage from the first third even in the third. Then they became more and more focused on paying attention to full point gains. In the end, they did not succeed, because in the 57th minute a lake became entangled with the Danes’ heads, so the end was set for Hammond and he hit their enemy.

Hockey players in Denmark rejoice at the goal

Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

In extra time, the British were twice convicted by rules and the Danes used the second numerical advantage to score the winning goal. At 64:35 it was delivered by defender Marcus Laurisen.

“It’s always exciting in overtime – either or. I’m glad we got this extra point, it’s very important to us. Of course we’re not happy that we let our opponents draw at the end of the third half, but we have to look forward.”

World Hockey Championship in Riga:
Group A (Olympic Sports Center):
Great Britain – Denmark 2: 3 in overtime (1: 2, 0: 0, 1: 0 – 0: 1)
Goals and records: 3. O’Connor (D. Phillips, Dowd), 57. Hammond (Lake) – 11. Jakobsen (Nicklas Jensen, Boedker), 14. Nicklas Jensen (M. Lauridsen, Boedker), 65. M. Lauridsen (Nicklas Jensen) ). Rule: Sternat (AUT), Tscherrig-Obwegeser (both Swiss), Merten (Germany). Excluded: 63. Uses: 0: 2. No spectators.
Great Britain: Bones-Richardson, Tetlow, De Phillips, O’Connor, Clements, Swindlhurts, S.Jones-Davis, Myers, J.Phillips-Dodd, Connolly, Kirk-Hammond, Berlin, Lake-Venus, Peterridge, Long-Lachovitch Trainer: Corey Nelson.
Denmark: Dahm – Lassen, M. Lauridsen, Jensen Aabo, O. Larsen, O. Lauridsen, Kristensen, Bruggisser – Nicklas Jensen, Jakobsen, Boedker – Storm, Jesper Jensen, Hardt – From, True, Olesen – Andersen, M. Madsen, Poulsen – from 21. Navek Mayer. Coach: Heinz Ehlers.
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1. Slovakia 3 3 10:10 9
2. mask 3 2 1 12: 7 6
3 Switzerland 2 2 6: 2 6
4. Denmark 3 1 1 1 7: 6 5
5. Belarus 2 1 1 1 5: 8 4
6. Commercial Record 3 1 2 8:11 2
7. United kingdom 3 1 2 4:12 1
8. Sweden 2 2 3: 5