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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Hockey dwarf from Britain managed to grow up

Roman KoksarovAnd the ČTK / AP

Meanwhile, Great Britain played twenty matches in the highest category for the World Cup and succeeded in one, two years ago in Kosice, its envoys avoided retreating by turning against the French national team (4: 3 in overtime). In prehistoric hockey, she led medals, even triumphing at the 1936 Olympics with a select group of naturalized Canadians.

However, the last precious metal for the British was a silver medal from the World Championships in Prague two years later. Currently, island hockey lies among the team sports under the shadow of football, rugby or basketball. But it is controlled by strongholds such as Sheffield, Manchester, Coventry, Nottingham, Belfast and Cardiff.

Riots from outside. Great Britain move the Czech team to last place

The Riga Championship is full of surprises, and the exciting British victory fits perfectly into its framework. They were already interested in how the Slovaks bravely fought back (1: 2), then the Danes took 1 point (2: 3 in overtime) and won the Belarusian scalp. “A wonderful feeling! “We did our best to know the joy of winning and the joy of full points,” said striker Ben Davis, who contributed goals and assistance, and praised the goalkeeper, stressing the amazing performance of all.

Hockey players in Great Britain went to the match with Belarus as an outsider, but stunned the favorite.

Entice CallenceAnd the Reuters

Surprises Great Britain, which will be the Czech opponent for the first time in history, on Saturday, despite all the ups and downs that accompanied it before the tournament. Players who mostly work in the domestic competition could play hockey after only a year and a half, when it was held in the form of two flash tournaments. To make matters worse, Scottish coach Peter Russell has been missing in Riga for personal reasons.

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“I’ve been secluded all season without family in Freiburg, Germany, and nine months of separation from my wife and daughter have been an incredibly long time. I couldn’t leave them after that and bubble into Riga,” he explained why the British from the inverter together lead his Canadian aides Kevi and Nelson.

2021 World Ice Hockey Championship

The World Hockey Championship is underway From May 21 to June 6 In Latvia. Riga hosts all the group stage matches and playoffs. The Czechs are playing in Group A. Zlato from 2019, defending the choice of Finland, and the Czechs will try to improve fourth place.

Kirk, who was recruited into the NHL by Arizona in the seventh round in 2018 as the first English citizen in history, has already scored four goals in this year’s World Cup. “I’m completely staring at where he has moved in hockey and how he believes in the end. He motivates us all to do better,” praised fellow gunner Matthew Myers, who, in addition to participating in the lower divisions World Championships, is playing his seventeenth tournament.

The British could show growth in hockey next year in Finland, too. Due to the Coronavirus, which has made it impossible for the lower-tier leagues, it has not decreased this year.