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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | It didn’t work out today, but I’m proud of the team, Celerik said after the Slovaks were eliminated

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“The Americans played a slightly different style than what we are used to in the group. They ran out of us without respect and hockey was a little higher pace than in previous games. At first we were eliminated, and although we defended three to five, then we scored three goals and it is difficult to catch up,” Chilirick said in an online news conference after the match.

The Americans developed a three-goal lead in the first twenty minutes and then dominated the game. “It finished 6:1, that speaks for itself. In the second half we had some chances and counter-attacks. We reduced it to 3:1 and had a chance to come back to the match that failed,” the 25-year-old said. Old striker. “The fact that we’ve made it to the quarter-finals is a small success for us, but you want more. It didn’t work out, we’re done, but I’m proud of the team and the boys who did a great job. We’ve grown from game to game and have fun here,” he told Czech TV.

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Celeric took care of Slovakia’s only goal in the quarter-finals and scored points in the eighth match of the tournament. He scored a total of 11 points for five goals and six assists and is currently at the forefront of tournament productivity. “After a successful role in the Swedish league, we did not do well in the playoffs, but I was ready to play and come to the national team after a long time. I was excited and we were successful. Unfortunately, we support Lixando,” he said.

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He played for the national team as well as at club level in attack with Marek Hrivik and was joined by Robert Lantucci. “It was obvious that the harmony was working between us. We played some matches together. I think we will meet again and represent a lot together. We wanted to be leaders, which we did. But now we are a little sad after the loss,” Cehlárik added.