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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Kazakhstan-Canada 2: 4, Canada continue to pursue the World Cup quarter-finals

Sergey GretsAnd the ČTK / AP

Canada, which defeated Norway 4: 2 on Wednesday after losing to Latvia (0: 2), the United States (1: 5) and Germany (1: 3), advanced in the seventh minute by eliminating Shevchenko. During Utov’s goal siege, he won from Mangiapan’s stance. The Calgary striker had to wait for confirmation of his second goal in the second match of the tournament, because the referees on the ice did not see the reflection of the ball from inside the goal and did not recognize the change in the score, according to the video.

Bernard Docker could have raised the spot, but Ottoff thwarted his chance. On the other hand, Kuemper also excelled at the Samat Danijar opportunity. In the 17th minute, Ponting could have increased after a Ferrar pass, but Ottov stopped his team again.

After 61 seconds in the second half, the Canadians scored again after Henrique shot Bauer off the blue line. Kazakhstan then escaped Svidberg’s sent off weakening and lowering it in the 25th minute. He solved the re-numbering individually with a shot from the left circle at the nearest pole Michajlis.

Kazakhstan goalkeeper Andrei Sotov faces a Canadian attack.

Sergey GretsAnd the ČTK / AP

Then Kazakhstan did not use its only game of the match, but cried three times in a row. However, Canada failed, and after 91 seconds into the third half, Michaelis equalized with a shot from the center between the rings.

Ottoff then caught Danforth, but in the 48th minute it wasn’t enough to kick Perfetti into the upper left corner of center between circles. But the Kazakhs suffered a heavy loss and eventually tried to equalize under pressure. They were unsuccessful and Brown adjusted the blank goal to the final 4: 2.

Delight the Canadian goal.

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Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

“We are in a position where we have to win, so when they leveled, we knew we had to score a decisive goal. I was lucky to pass a good pass and hit it. Then we closed it, it’s an important victory,” said Perfetti.

Riga World Hockey Championship – Group B (Arena Riga):
Kazakhstan-Canada 2: 4 (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 2)
Goals and records: 25. N. Michajlis, 42. N. Michajlis (Valk, Savickij) – 7. Mangiapane (Henrique, Connor Brown), 22. Henrique (Power, Mangiapane), 48. Perfetti (Anderson-Dolan), 60. Connor Brown ( Henrik). Judges: Romasko (Russia), Sidorenko-Golgak (both Bell), Lazarev (Russia). Exclusion: 5: 1. Usage: 0: 1. No bystanders.
Kazakhstan: Šutov – Dietz, McLejukov, Svedberg, Blacker, Salabov, Samat Danegar, Orechov – Shevchenko, Sagadev, Akulzin – N. Coach: Yuri Mikaglis.
Canada: Kuemper – Walker, Ferraro, Power, Stecher, Bernard-Docker, Beaudin, Schneider – Mangiapane, Henrique, Connor Brown – Comtois, Vilardi, N. Paul – Hagel, Danforth, Bunting – Perfetti, Anderson-Dolan, Pirri – Foudy. Trainer: Gerard Gallant.
1. Finland 4 3 1 11: 5 10
2. Germany 4 3 1 19: 9 9
3. United States of America 4 3 1 13: 5 9
4. Latvia 4 2 1 1 9: 7 7
5. Kazakhstan 5 1 2 2 10:12 7
6. Canada 5 2 3 10:14 6
7. Norway 4 1 3 9:15 3
8. Italy 4 4 5:19