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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Online hockey: The Russians broke the attack, leading by two goals. The Americans are ahead of the Norwegians

Hockey players from Russia and Switzerland face each other in Saturday’s match at the World Championships in Riga. The result of the Group A leaders duel is also of interest to the Czechs, which intend to assert their role as the front-runner against Great Britain. Besides the Czech “national” player, Kazakhstan also played Italy. Norway will try to surprise the United States. Evening block with duels of Slovakia – Denmark and Germany – Finland are tempting. You can see all matches in the online reports on the website.

Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

The Czechs put the lead to the quarter-finals in their hands after beating the British, but they are also closely watching the results of the rivals in the first set.

The Russians and Swiss are the leaders of the table and their duel says a lot about who wins the group.

The Slovaks have a great start in the tournament, but they have to be careful about the Danes, who are just one point behind them.

2021 World Ice Hockey Championship

The World Hockey Championship is underway From May 21 to June 6 In Latvia. Riga hosts all group matches and playoffs. The Czechs are playing in Group A. Zlato from 2019, defending the choice of Finland, and the Czechs will try to improve fourth place.

Meanwhile, the Kazakh national team is rolling there, further confirming their ambitions to advance in a duel with an outside player from Italy. Hockey players from southern Europe matched the thirds, but failed completely in the final and scored 8 goals. The offensive match, which must have been liked by the spectators, was ultimately dominated by a team with a number of naturalized players in a ratio of 11: 3 and finished second in Group B.

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Although Norway was defeated by Latvia on Friday, it is an outsider in a duel with the USA.

Finland and Germany set the tone for the group and the duel between them tells a lot who must come first.

World Hockey Championship
Group A.:
Czech Republic – Great Britain 6: 1
Goals and records: 9. Klok (M. Špaček), 21. Hronek (Zadina), 25. Šulák (M. Špaček, Seká), 33. Chytil (D. Musil), 52. Lenc (R. Hanzl), 58. Šulák (R Hansel, Klok) – 40. Myers (Richardson, Kirk)
15:15 Switzerland – Russia 1: 3 in the third period
Goal and record: 36.Bordasov (Galimov)
19:15 Slovakia – Denmark
Group B.:
Italy – Kazakhstan 3:11
Goals and records: 25. Miceli (Petan, Frank), 42. Hochkofler (Gander), 51. Petan – 3. Starchenko (Valk, N. Michajlis), 33. Petuchov (Asetov, Stepanenko), 35. Rymarev (Shin, Blacker), 42. N. Michajlis (Starchenko, Valk), 47. Valk (Starchenko), 48. Lichotnikov, 50. Lichotnikov (Maklyukov, Salapov), 55. Panjukov (Dietz, Starchenko), 57. Starchenko (Valk), 58. Svedberg Šesťakov, Sagadějev), 60.alapov (Asetov, Lichotnikov)
15:15 Norway – USA 0: 2 in the third period
Goals and records11. Garland (Z-Jones, T Thompson), 28. Thompson (Donato, Roy)
19:15 Germany – Finland