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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Online Hockey: The Russians Go To The World Cup For Another Win! Collect the defenders of the title

The World Hockey Championship in Riga continues on the second day of play. Finland (the defenders of the title from Bratislava 2019) will present themselves for the first time in the afternoon from 15:15, and the United States and the Russians will compete, winning the Czech team from Friday’s duel, with Great Britain. . You can view the two matches in detailed reports online at

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The Germans defended the World Cup brilliantly, in the first match they defeated Italy 4: 9 high on Friday and today at noon they added another success in the form of a 5: 1 victory over Norway. Finnish coach Tony Söderholm’s team leads the starting group B with six points and has qualified for the quarter-finals.

In the second morning match, the Danes were interested in the feeling of beating the Swedes for the first time in tournament history. Striker Niklas Jensen contributed four points to the 4: 3 win. The 28-year-old NHL forward Jokerit Helsinki scored a hat-trick and a record. He scored the winning goal in the 49th minute.

2021 World Ice Hockey Championship

The World Hockey Championship is underway From May 21 to June 6 In Latvia. Riga hosts all the group stage matches and playoffs. The Czechs are playing in Group A. Zlato from 2019, defending the choice of Finland, and the Czechs will try to improve fourth place.

For both the Scandinavian teams, who are among the Czechs in the starting group A, this was their first performance in Riga today. Tre kronor’s favorite resulted in 1: 0 and 2: 1 after a goalless opening spell, but the opponent raised the score to 4: 2, mainly thanks to Jensen. In the end, nothing was right for the Swedes, even with a three-point performance by forward Karl Klingberg, who scored two goals and scored a third.

The World Hockey Championship in Riga
Group A.
Denmark-Sweden 4: 3
Objectives: 31., 38. a 48. Nicklas Jensen, 39. Kristensen – 23. a 51. C. Klingberg, 36. Tömmernes.
Great Britain – Russia 1: 5 after the second period
Objectives: 19. Kirk – 6. and 10. Bordasov, 8. Grigorenko, 11. Tolchynsky, 31. Karnushov.
Group B.
Norway-Germany 1: 5
Objectives: 37. Lilleberg – 20th Plachta, 24th Gawanke, 27 Pföderl, 31st Reichel, 45th Bergmann.
Finland – USA 2: 1 after the second half
Objectives: 27. Ohtamaa, 36. Pakarinen – 39. Robertson
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