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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | The hero went to Beshan: he stands there insulting, talking to no one! Does he have any emotions at all?

With Russia against zero, with the Swiss like this! At the start of the World Cup in Riga, the Czech national hockey team will play with promotion to the qualifiers. Philip Pisan lacks the hard work on the part of most of the team, and at the same time he admits that he is also to blame. After losing 2: 5 with the Helvetic Cross chosen, 1985 world champion and two-time Stanley Cup winner Jerry Herdina pits the head coach of the national team ….

Never in the history of the independent Czech Republic has a citizen lost their first two World Cup matches. The last time the Czechoslovak national team, led by coaches Nevisilo and Horischowski, suffered thirty years ago, when they lost at the start of the tournament in Finland to hosts Sumy and then to the United States of America.

Now Bishan and his party are going through something similar.

It’s my fault, too! Guilty of my nomination, I shocked Nissan and searched for a team of dresses

“We tried a lineup, we tried to tie the boys from the NHL in pairs or three, and unfortunately I miss the hard work in all five. Obviously it’s my fault too. Right now, it’s also my nomination mistake,” Baishan was surprised after the failure with the Swiss by saying about the possibility of a mistake. In the filtration.

It is difficult! Just two days into the tournament … for 30 years, the national team had never seen such a poor entry into the World Cup

However, he gets it from the hero for something else. The former excellent striker is amazed at Bishan’s talk of the substitute.

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“Does the bizan have any emotions? Every shot stands there, as if upset, and he does not talk to anyone … He has been standing there like this from the first minute. Why isn’t he chatting there? Like a professor, the boys probably won’t wake up …” the hero asks about Bisan’s “quiet” speech on the keyboard agrees with a participant that this year’s World Championships in Riga is qualitatively one of the worst in recent years due to not many NHL stars.

“So let’s hope Saturday’s bad game leads to a better performance. There are still five games (until the end of the starting group). Canada lost to Latvia, and the Swedes lost to Denmark,” wrote Hrdina, a longtime Dallas explorer in the NHL.

2021 World Ice Hockey Championship

The World Hockey Championship is underway From May 21 to June 6 In Latvia. Riga hosts all the group stage matches and playoffs. The Czechs are playing in Group A. Zlato from 2019, defending the choice of Finland, and the Czechs will try to improve fourth place.