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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | The road to the semi-finals was full of beautiful goals – a disgraceful Russian chorus and a hole in dreams

The World Hockey Championship quarter-final matches between Canada and Russia provided a nerve-wracking spectacle. The sweet goal behind Thursday’s away turn was forward Andrew Mangyapan, who decided in overtime to win the Maple Leaves at a 2:1 ratio. However, Detroit defender Troy Stecher directed the entire move from the 63rd minute of the game on an incredible single. The decisive goal of the duel is one of the best that the Riga spectators have been able to see so far. The great hockey player, who decided to qualify for the semi-finals, was also featured by German hockey player Marcel Knoebels, who returned to Switzerland with the Forsberg ring.

Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

Canada was turbulent in the main part of the tournament and certainly did not enter the match with Russia as the favourite. The fourth team of Group B lost against the team in the quarter-finals of the 35th minute of the match with a goal by Timkinov.

The Canadian turn began in the third period while playing for power, when Henrique was victorious. The duel has been extended and it was a fantastic time for 27-year-old Red Wing Stecher quarterback, fellow national team player and winger Calgary Mangiapane.

Striker Mangiapane drove the disc into the attack area and found Stecher with a pass. At that moment, a wall of Russian hockey players was in front of him, and he put a shot of one of them on the ice, but pulled the wheel between his legs to overtake the other player. He then added another trick around the Russian defender and with a precise pass he finally prepared an easy shot for his partner in the open goal.

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Canada shocked Russia at the end of the World Cup!

Mangyapan joined the team during the tournament and scored for the fifth time in the fifth game on Thursday. Canada awaits an external derby against the United States on Saturday. From the explosion of the tournament, he suddenly became adept at placing medals.

German hockey players also made their way to the semi-finals. On Tuesday afternoon, they defeated Switzerland 3:2 after separate raids, when they tied 2:2 in strong play with 44 seconds left.

29-year-old Philadelphia Flyers forward Marcel Noebbels decided this on a raid with Ala Forsberg’s famous finish.

The Germans made their way to the top four teams in the tournament 11 years later.