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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | The Slovaks defeated the Danes, and the Finns dealt with the Germans. Russia destroyed the Swiss, and the Kazakhs overthrew Italy

Russian hockey players beat Switzerland the World Cup 4: 1 in a hit on Saturday. The Czech national team confirmed its role as the best candidate against Great Britain, winning 6: 1. The Kazakhs scored eleven goals for Italy, and after winning 11: 3, they attacked to advance to the quarter-finals. Norway did not surprise the Americans and lost 1: 2 to them. An attractive evening mass was introduced through the duels Slovakia-Denmark (2: 0) and Germany-Finland (1: 2).

Oksana DzadanAnd the ČTK / AP

The Czechs put the lead to the quarter-finals in their hands after beating the British, but they are also closely watching the results of the rivals in the first set.

The Russians did not break the resistance of the Swiss until the middle of the third period. In the last ten minutes, they scored three goals and won 3 points 4: 1.

The Slovaks made a great start in the tournament, but they couldn’t make a name for themselves against the Danes for a long time. They only managed to do so in the eighth minute of the third inning, when ileerik struck. Five minutes later, Jánošík increased to 2: 0 and the same score continued until the end of the match.

Kazakhstan confirmed their ambition to advance in a duel with an outside player from Italy. Hockey players from southern Europe matched the thirds, but failed completely in the final and scored 8 goals. The offensive match, which must have been liked by the spectators, was ultimately dominated by a team with a number of naturalized players in a ratio of 11: 3 and finished second in Group B.

Although Norway was defeated by Latvia on Friday, it was not surprising in a duel with the USA. The Norwegians lost 1: 2 to the opponent abroad.

Finland and Germany set the tone for Group B. The duel between them was very balanced. In the end, northerners rejoice in a 2: 1 victory.

World Hockey Championship
Group A.:
Czech Republic – Great Britain 6: 1
Goals and records: 9. Klok (M. Špaček), 21. Hronek (Zadina), 25. Šulák (M. Špaček, Seká), 33. Chytil (D. Musil), 52. Lenc (R. Hanzl), 58. Šulák (R Hansel, Klok) – 40. Myers (Richardson, Kirk)
Switzerland – Russia 1: 4
Goals and records: 49. Hischier (Ambühl) – 36. Burdasov (Galimov), 51. Karnauchov (Tolčinskij, Barabanov), 53. Tolčinskij (Slepyšev, Provorov), 60. Tolčinskij (Barabanov, Karnauchov)
Slovakia-Denmark 2: 0
Goals and records: 48. Sihalarik (Hrevik, Lantusi), 53. Januszik (Lantusi, Hrevik).
Group B.:
Italy – Kazakhstan 3:11
Goals and records: 25. Miceli (Petan, Frank), 42. Hochkofler (Gander), 51. Petan – 3. Starchenko (Valk, N. Michajlis), 33. Petuchov (Asetov, Stepanenko), 35. Rymarev (Shin, Blacker), 42. N. Michajlis (Starchenko, Valk), 47. Valk (Starchenko), 48. Lichotnikov, 50. Lichotnikov (Maklyukov, Salapov), 55. Panjukov (Dietz, Starchenko), 57. Starchenko (Valk), 58. Svedberg Šesťakov, Sagadějev), 60.alapov (Asetov, Lichotnikov)
Norway – USA 1: 2
Goals and records: 55. KA Olimb (Rosseli Olsen) – 11. Garland (Z. Jones, T. Thompson), 28. T. Thompson (Donato, M. Roy).
Germany-Finland 1: 2
Goals and records: 28. Holzer (Loebl, Plata) – 7. Lundel (Sund, Enala) 52. Rötsalainen (Lundel).