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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | The United States – Germany 6: 1, the Americans could fight for the bronze, the Germans did not have enough strength to fight for the medal dream

Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

The best goalkeeper of the tournament, Petersen, perfectly kept the opponent, who had already lost to the United States 0:2 in the group, and even in the second meeting of this year’s championship he could not score for a long time. When Bitner did, his team was already short of five goals and was just an honorable success, to which the Americans responded in just 25 seconds.

At the start of the bronze duel this year, Finnish coach Söderholm’s side did not use four minutes of extra time to foul Robertson, who inflicted a bloody injury to Eisenschmid in an illegal high-stick match.

The blow came immediately from the United States, when Wallanen fled everyone from the discus defensive zone and matured at the end of Brockmann, who replaced Niederberger in the German goal post in his last championship appearance.

American midfielder Christian Wolanen receives congratulations from his teammates for his goal against Germany.

Vasily FedosenkoAnd the Reuters

The Americans showed the whole match that they put in a really perfect match on the double, surviving two minutes on three for five. Throughout the entire tournament in Riga, they got one goal per numerical defect.

The mystery of the match with Germany was solved in less than six minutes midway through the second half, when the United States were victorious four times in quick succession. He was fired first from the blue Robertson, whose attempt thereafter welcomed the most productive American, Garland. Immediately Chmelevsky went to renumber with Drori and the general manager’s nephew of the national team ended up with a successful backhand.

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Then, during the German power match, Czech national Kahun hit the baton, but the Americans showed how to do a numerical advantage while ruling out the sail for possession. Robertson finished off the wrong mix of elite attack. Before the Germans could recover, another blow came from the opponent. Kramer punished Moore’s mistake in a flash.

In the 34th minute it was practical, the United States dominated the duel and the Germans lacked the physical and mental strength to change something about the unfavorable development of the match, with the result taking the final shape after one more goal in each. side within half a minute.

The Americans deserve the bronze medal, losing the tournament out of just ten matches to finalists Finland and Canada. For Germany, fourth place is also the best result in the world championship since 2010, when they took the same place on the domestic ice.

Ice Hockey World Championships Riga – Bronze Medal Match:
US – Germany 6:1 (1:0, 4:0, 1:1)
Goals and Scores: 6. Wolanin, 27. Garland (Robertson, Wolanin), 29. Drury (Chmelevski), 32. Robertson (Garland, T. Thompson), 33. T. Moore (Garland, T. Thompson), 50. Donato (Clendening, T. Thompson) – 50. Bittner (Tarpaulin, Kahun). Judges: Heikkinen, Vikman-Nikolainen, Sormonin (all bosses). Elimination: 9:7, plus Khmelevsky (US) 5 minutes. Until the end of the game. Usage: 2:0.
United States of America: Petersen – Wolanin, Hellickson, Z. Jones, Tennyson, Mackey, Ch. Weidmann, Shea, Clinding – Robertson, T. Moore, Garland – Robinson, Blackwell, Labanc – Donato, Rooney, T. Thompson – Drury, Boyle, Chmelevsky. Trinier: Jack Capuano.
Germany: Brückmann – Moritz Müller, Seider, J. Müller, Holzer, Wagner, Nowak, Gawanke, Bittner – L. Reichel, Noebels, Pföderl – Plachta, Kahun, Eisenschmid – Kühnhackl, Loibl, Rieder – Krämmer, Peter Kastner. Trainer: Tony Soderholm.
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