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If Feyenoord makes a deal with Bournemouth, they will use part of the money to buy Leten Hanck

If Feyenoord makes a deal with Bournemouth, they will use part of the money to buy Leten Hanck

2 hours ago, 08/08/2022 13:37
Robert Rohal
Photo: AC Sparta Prague
Czech League

The last Slovak player to appear at Feyenoord Rotterdam was young striker Robert Poznik, but the Dutch brand loaned him to Boavista Porto this summer.

Incidentally, Boženík has the same past as Spartan midfielder Dávid Hancko, who is two years older than him. He also broke into the big football of MŠK ilina.

In the near future, both could have the same owner again. The leading team in the Eredivisie and the finalists of the European Conference League last year were supposed to resume negotiations with the deputy captain of Leyten.

Feyenoord should leave main defender Marcus Senesi (25), in which Bournemouth has invested more than 12 million pounds, roughly 350 million crowns.

According to the Dutch press, Feynooord, who has 15 major titles, will send the money taken, for the Argentines, or part of them, to the Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena, where the former Fiorentina player was at home for some Mondays. .

“Fyenoord has extraordinary relations with the sporting director of Sparta, Tomasz Rossico, and according to the latest information, they are again interested in Hanko,” The Dutch newspaper recalls the July speculation about Slovák’s departure from Fortuna: La Liga.

At that time, it had not yet happened, however, since Sparta is without European cups this year, the situation may change and the sports department of the 12-time champion in the Czech Republic can reconsider everything.

Before the end of June, Slotto’s side, which has kept five goals away from Vitesse this weekend, will play Heerenveen, Walwijk and Emmen. Will new dad Hankou be there?

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