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“If they threaten me with weapons, I will not accept” .. Musk’s tweet raises suspicion

A tweet from the owner of SpaceX provoked Elon Musk Suspicion among Twitter users, after he spoke of his unwillingness to waive his most important principles of respect for freedom of expression and opinion, even if at gunpoint.

He revealed in a tweet on Saturday that some governments, not Ukraine, told his satellite internet service, Starlink, to block Russian news sources.

F. added that he would only do so at gunpoint, indicating his absolute respect for freedom of expression.

Over the past few days, Musk has warned that there is a high potential for Starlink to be “targeted” in Ukraine as the only non-Russian communications system still operating in some parts of the country.

He also advised users to operate the service only when needed, and to place the antenna as far away from people as possible, noting the need to put camouflage over the antenna to hide it from view.

free service

Musk had agreed to provide Ukraine with “Starlink” stations, shortly after an appeal to Ukraine’s Information Minister, Mikhail Fyodorov, via Twitter.

His tweet came after the country found itself without any internet access, three days after the Russian missile attacks. Musk immediately responded, stressing that Starlink services are now effective on Ukrainian soil, and more help is on the way!

Starlink (Shutterstock)

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advanced system

It is noteworthy that the Starlink system is based on satellite communication, as it was built by SpaceX for years to provide Internet access to deprived areas of the world.

The American billionaire launched the project last week, providing free high-speed internet to connect remote villages in Tonga that have been cut off since a devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami last January.

Starlink (Shutterstock)

Starlink (Shutterstock)

Satellites allow large amounts of information to be transmitted quickly to any point on Earth without the need for fibre-optic cables.