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If you want to join the European Academy of Coptic Heritage .. Learn the study method and ways to join

If you want to join the European Academy of Coptic Heritage .. Learn the study method and ways to join

The Orthodox Church is expanding greatly in many European countries, with some families moving to Europe about 40 years ago to complete higher studies, and starting a new life in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Their number has now reached thousands of families in more than 10 European countries, including 13 bishops and more than 100 priests.

With this rapid increase in the number of cops in Europe, many of Europe’s indigenous peoples have become interested in learning more about Coptic heritage, culture and science, so there is a need to establish an online academy that serves the needs of cops and others. .

European Academy of Coptic Heritage (TeachingAs a UK-registered charity, the Academy website was quickly set up by the IT team – IT– In the choir of St. Cyril-St. Cairal ChoirIn addition, there is an urgent need to create a large library that can accommodate thousands of references, including books, as European Copts, who are very interested in serving their church, and the site where the many courses are designed are increasing. , Videos and audios.

During the first academic year, which began in September 2020, the Academy offered courses in the following sciences: Church History, Old Testament Studies, Coptic Language, History of Melody and Music, Worship Studies, Coptic Symbols, and Christian Advice..

3 new courses will begin next academic year, starting in September 2021, which will focus on Egyptian, interdisciplinary studies and the patriarchal view of the Bible.

All studies and courses are conducted online including melodies, where our team of 25 lecturers provides high quality education, with the utmost care in supporting students, regardless of their scientific background and previous experience. Although all courses in the first academic year are aimed at postgraduate students, we are committed to developing university courses for first-year students. A condition Balance for a high school diploma. A team of 30 administrative volunteers oversees various aspects of student support.

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Anyone can register to complete courses, pass exams, obtain certificates, or visit an electronic library to benefit from its contents.