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IIHS changed the parameters of the side impact test, and the compact SUV failed

IIHS changed the parameters of the side impact test, and the compact SUV failed

Impact tests, a noble activity of independent research organizations, have one drawback – if they do not change for a long time, automakers will begin to produce cars that perform well in a particular test. And when the test changes, the result can be very sad.

This is evidenced by the latest change to the side-impact test from the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS, which produces 80% more power on the side of the tested vehicle than before. The moving obstacle is heavier, weighs 1,896 kg, travels faster, 60 km/h, and its shape is modified to better look like the front of the car.

The first set of tests focused on twenty small and compact SUVs from the Mazda CX-5 to the Honda HR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Kiu Sportage and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross to several models not sold in Europe. Only Mazda has the highest rating of “good” and according to David Harkey, president of IIHS, this is how a car should look after a side impact.

On the contrary, two cars received a “poor” rating – the current Honda HR-V, not the new hybrid, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. In the Honda case, the B-pillar detached from the floor of the car, and after the collision, the chassis crashed into the crew compartment so much that it was in the middle of the driver’s seat.

Excerpts from the results of the most stringent IIHS side effect test
20 Crossover and SUV model year 2021-2022
Model general evaluation
Body structure and protective cage
Mazda CX-5 Hassan Hassan
Audi Q3 Acceptable Acceptable
Buick Encore Acceptable Hassan
Chevrolet Trax Acceptable Hassan
Honda CR-V Acceptable Acceptable
Nissan Rogue / X-Trail Acceptable Hassan
Subaru Forester Acceptable Acceptable
Toyota RAV4 Acceptable Hassan
Toyota Venza Acceptable Hassan
Volvo XC40 Acceptable On the edge
Chevrolet Equinox On the edge Hassan
Ford Escape / Kuga On the edge Acceptable
GMC Terrain On the edge Hassan
Hyundai Tucson On the edge On the edge
Jeep Compass On the edge On the edge
Jeep Renegade On the edge On the edge
Kia Sportage On the edge On the edge
Lincoln Corsair On the edge Acceptable
Honda HR-V faintly faintly
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross faintly On the edge
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