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IKEA will pay 1 million euros in France to spy on employees

IKEA will pay 1 million euros in France to spy on employees

Both Baillot and a subsidiary of the Swedish furniture giant were guilty of “fraudulently collecting personal data”.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office originally demanded higher penalties, in the case of the company with a fine of 2 million euros, or 50.88 million kroner. The allegations covered the years from 2009 to 2012. In addition to espionage, the department was supposed to invade privacy by obtaining bank data or tracking employees with the help of fake employees who reported to management, among other things.

Employees and job seekers were also monitored by security services personnel, who checked their pasts and contacts. The company allegedly also monitored some customers

“The (French) IKEA branch has strongly condemned these practices, apologized and put in place an action plan to prevent the matter from happening again,” the company said in response to the ruling, which it was currently analyzing to see if further action was needed. Measures.

In addition to the company and Baillot, 14 other people are being charged in a trial that began after a long investigation in March of this year. These included company executives, as well as police officers and security personnel.

When the case became public in 2012, IKEA changed part of its management and announced a change in internal procedures.

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