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Ilham Al-Fadala reveals the third part of the series "Amina Haf"

Ilham Al-Fadala reveals the third part of the series “Amina Haf”

Kuwait – Arabs today

It seems that the great success, achieved by The series “Amina Haf” In the first part of Ramadan 2021, he made the audience excited to complete the series in new parts, which the work makers responded to, and indeed they started filming the second part of the series. A video broadcast on her account on “Snapchat”, during the presence of the team at the birthday party of the sons of the owner of the house, in which the second part of the series is being filmed.
The owner of the house expressed his great happiness at filming the second part of “Amina Haf” in his home, because he wished that the first part had been filmed with him, so that the artist, Ilham Al-Fadala, would respond to him, saying: “You see in three… it is filmed with you.”
The Kuwaiti artist completed her skin rejuvenation sessions, before she resumed filming new scenes in “Amina Haf 2”, in addition to undergoing a forehead tightening session, injecting her with “Botox”, and raising eyebrows through the techniques designated for that. Al-Fadala expressed her great happiness with the result. Which she got after undergoing these cosmetic touches, confirming that she does not need makeup on a regular basis.

A few days ago, the Kuwaiti actress left Important Fadalah The hospital, after recovering from a health condition whose nature was not revealed, but she was suddenly transferred to the women’s section of a hospital in an ambulance a few days ago.
Al-Fadala documented a video clip through her account on “Snapchat”, in which she appeared while she continued her work, again, in filming her new series “Amina Haf 2”, which is scheduled to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan 2022 drama, where the team was keen to congratulate her that she is fine, She went back to work.

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