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Ilham Al-Fadala's daughter lies to her mother and the audience: Hala Al-Turk 2

Ilham Al-Fadala’s daughter lies to her mother and the audience: Hala Al-Turk 2

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Kuwaiti journalist Khalil Al-Tamimi, the divorced artist, Ilham Al-Fadala, documented his annoyance his daughter Al-Soghra Nour is one of the false news that is spread through active accounts on social media.

Nour, the daughter of Elham, is lying to her mother

Khalil Al-Tamimi went out in a video clip with his daughter Nour Daughter of Ilham Al-Fadala The 12-year-old monitored her annoyance before asking her about the cause of the distress and sadness she felt, to answer him, saying: “The owners of social media, rockets, enough lies.”

Which divided the activists’ opinions between a critic of Nour’s words, assuming that she intended to deny her mother’s statements about her, and between Al-Tamimi accused of exploiting his daughter in a dispute with his ex-wife, while some blamed Al-Fadala for her statements and actions, while some asserted that Nour was a victim of her parents and recalled Bahraini actress Hala Turk.

The audience is like Nour’s crisis with Hala Al-Turk

And the comments stated: “By God, frankly, I began to sympathize with Haya Al-Shuaibi, and what is the person who quarrelled with friends of her age, her children, and the father of her children…a shame?” And “Ilham’s mistake was that she was upset and spoke in public. This creature took advantage and directed the girl in order to relieve her mother’s pressure.”

And “We got rid of the solution of the Turk and start with the second victim. Fear God with your children. The parents are eating sour grapes and the children are grinding.” “.

Ilham Al-Fadala reveals the reason for her daughter’s separation from her

The Kuwaiti actress revealed Important Fadalah The reason why her daughter Nour is not with her and stays with her media father Khalil Al-Tamimi After their separation.

received Important Fadalah On the accusations leveled against her recently of abandoning her daughter, noting that the red lines she had set for her daughter were the reason for her choosing to live with her father.

Ilham Al-Fadala explained in a video of her through her personal account on the Snapchat application that she prevented her daughter from using social networking sites for fear of her to keep her away from fame and make her live a normal life.

And she continued, “This is a girl who broke her rib, narrowed her down and punished her because she took down Tik Tok and punished her for 10 days and deleted all programs because I see what I like on Tik Tok.”

And she continued, by saying: “When her birth became 12 years old, I told her Tik Tok, there is no dance in it, it is finished, Mama, we have grown up, we have become a harem, our stage now is the stage of changing our old age.”

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