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Lucie Šafářová se stala ambasadorkou olympijského výboru, angažuje se také v charitativních projektech.

I’ll cheer for Kometa and Kladno, fifteen years of tennis has been enough, Shavakova convinces

Are you watching what happens at the French Open that you just played?
Yes, I’ve seen some matches, but with a little you can always just watch it with your eyes, because it still flies somewhere. (Laughter)

What do you say so far about the performance of the Czech players?
We have a lot of young and talented tennis players who are happy to watch and you can then enjoy interesting matches.

What do you think of the case of Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, who decided to boycott press releases and subsequently resigned from the tournament?
This round is very demanding on the psyche, and now the bubble and the need to continue testing has been added to it. Naomi got into tennis at a very young age so it must have been a big deal for her. Perhaps he will rest and come back in full force.

She reached the French Open final six years ago, losing to Serena Williams after the fight. Was it the biggest success of his career?
Thankfully there were more of these results, so it’s not easy to pick one, it’s one of the biggest anyway.

Watching the French Open, doesn’t it lure you back into the field?
No, I know what it means to play there, and that’s enough in fifteen years.

Will you continue to play tennis?
with Thomas (Plekancem – Partner afářová – Editor’s note) We go to pink. I still enjoy tennis. I’m still active, but I don’t see her in any matches.

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Is it more difficult to fight in the courts against opponents, or to raise a daughter?
Each has their own, but both are clearly a delight.

You will be the ambassador of the Olympic Festival in Brno. What can people look forward to?
I’m glad things are slowly getting back to normal. Children can finally play sports again. It is the Olympic festival that will be a good opportunity for them to experience traditional and non-traditional sports and even watch the Olympians.

Have you participated in the three Olympics, which one is best for you?
Olympics are always an experience. Each was different and something specific. I have to mention Rio of course. When someone wins a medal (Won bronze in doubles with Barbora Strycova – editor’s note)He likes to remember her. But I think I really enjoyed my program and that was enough.

Will you be making a ring to tennis players again this year?
There is a lot of hope, three medals were won in Rio, and I hope there will be more. can click.

Will Barbora Krezhikova be one of the pillars of fire?
Plays great tennis. If it continues like this, he has a chance.

Will you support Kometa or Kladno with Tomáš Plekance in the Overtime Hockey League next season?
This is a really difficult question (Laughter). I will wish for both teams.

You and your partner were on a trip around Europe. How are you doing?
It was great. Austria and Italy just opened and we enjoyed not having anyone there yet.