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I'll smoke it for you, you screwed up!  Coach Rada wanted to fight with a fan who insulted him from the stands

I’ll smoke it for you, you screwed up! Coach Rada wanted to fight with a fan who insulted him from the stands

The duel between Pilsen-Belsen and Slavia Prague is approaching. It will be a duel on the field, in the hall, and over the substitutes. Substitutes for both clubs were among the loudest, Zdenek Hustiki and Pavel Şahak often had a negative opinion of Slavia. What did former Victoria player David Limberski say about them?

There are people on Victoria and Slavia keyboards who don’t go far for harsh words. Locally, there are Adolf Šádek or Pavel Horváth, on the other hand, Zdeněk Houštecký, Pavel Řehák and Stanislav Vlček.

This, too, can often help achieve the result, as recently suggested by Teplice coach Jiří Jarošik, these people put pressure on the referee and if he is inexperienced, it may affect him.

Houštecký is very popular among Slavia fans, but this is not the case with the rest of the league. David Limbersky, for example, has relatively recent experience with him.

“In the age of coronavirus, when the stadiums were empty, he was sitting alone in Eden in the opposite stand, yelling at me and insulting me. I got him a number after the match and we exchanged opinions.

His reaction was that whatever was happening on the field would stay there, so I said okay, we’ll leave it at that. But the way he behaves on the reflector is a disgrace to Slavia, and not only him,Limbersky said in an interview with iSport.

“He had an adidas store open in Pilsen, so I also know him in civilian life. That’s a nice guy. But once the match starts, he’s a bastard, an idiot.

I’ve always been nervous about him in matches, his behavior is tragic, he’s similar to Schick (the second assistant). A complete idiot, he’s talking, he’s exaggerating. deprived of his senses,he added.

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The Victoria legend later clarified that head coach Jinditch Trbišovsky is fit. “But he has a number of bullies shouting at opponents, rulers, and the like.Limberscu concluded.

There is definitely something to look forward to. Even because of this pressure from the bench, the match will not whistle from the Czech referee. Experienced Paul Rachkowski and his teammates will come to blows.

If Victoria manages to win, she will come close to the title, as she will have a four-point lead over Slavia. Otherwise, it will be closer to Slavia.

source: iSport