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قلعة Kilmartin Castle

Ilmartin Scottish Castle .. The most beautiful place to stay in the United Kingdom (photos)

The Eviivo Awards have announced Scottish Castle as the best place to stay in the UK in 2022.

According to the “Time Out” site, which specializes in travel and travel news, the castle is Gilmart’s castle, located in the Scottish County of Argyle, and has won 5 other houses in the competition between the best places to stay. This year the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The castle has many advantages over winning this title in 2022, making it one of the oldest castles in the sixteenth century United Kingdom.

The fort is tall and spacious, surrounded by vast green hills on all sides, offering guests an exceptional view of the imagination.

The fort has its own lake, which is provided for swimming lovers by the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.

Inside, the castle has all the amenities and upholstered furniture, and is close to the most popular Game of Thrones shooting locations in Scotland, and guests can enjoy WiFi while staying.

List of recommended restaurants to visit in 2022

It was previously recommended by AA Quality Control in the UK’s Restaurant Guide for Best Restaurants to Visit in 2022.

The Daily Mail newspaper, citing a list of the most important restaurants on the list, recommended to readers the first recommendation for restaurants in the UK and Ireland by 2022.

The menu includes Humbleton Hall Restaurant, located in Rutland County in the East Midlands of England, and is owned by a beautiful hotel that has been established since 1992.

After him, the menu is Brian Williams, a restaurant in Port Erie located in Colvin Bay, Wales, United Kingdom and managed by Welsh chef Brian Williams.

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Paul Ainsworth, Cornwall, founded at No. 6, Batstow, 2005.