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“I’m paying something and they are already calling me for a loan,” Raiffeisenbank customers are annoyed

picture: Fit Hassan for Bank

Two of our readers contacted our editorial office. Single mom on maternity leave and entrepreneur. They are Raiffeisenbank customers and they all talk about the same problem. It bothers them to be alerted to a small amount of money in their checking account. But each for a different reason.

Entrepreneur Petr K. had a savings account with ING, but ended up in the Czech Republic. And it was Raiffeisenbank who received the exclusivity from ING to address its clients. Going to the bank was simple. And Peter, who had a savings account with ING, took advantage of that.

“I had a savings account opened at Raiffeisenbank, the money was just lying there and I didn’t care about it, the interest was low,” he recalls.

But then the bank approached him with a favorable interest rate offer on the condition that he open a checking account, issue a payment card and pay with it at least three times a month.

“I took advantage of it. Since the interest on the checking account is zero, I keep a thousand there and pay small things with the card. For example, I buy coffee or water at a gas station. I know that I will pay at least three times and the money is more than enough for small purchases” .

Recently, however, right after every payment, a notification pops up on his phone saying he has a little money in his account, whether he’s arranging a credit card or taking out a loan. Bankers at the bank called him several times.

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“I always feel like telling them to look at my savings account and stop giving me loans, I’m not that poor,” he continues with a laugh. However, the warning annoys him.

Just sign out and you’re done

“Notifications of this type are delivered to the customer in real time, about 15 seconds after the transaction, after which the account balance approaches the set limit. The exact amount of the limit cannot be determined. It varies over time and limits are set differently for individual customers,” she confirms. Martina Kotasová from the communications department for on behalf of Raiffeisenbank.

The young mother, who also called us, is also upset at the notice, but for a different reason. “I am left alone with the little boy, and I can’t go to work yet. When I pay for everything, I don’t have much money left. I live from month to month. I know that I don’t have much in my account and the notifications I receive regularly make me nervous. I don’t want a loan or a credit card, I’m afraid of that.

Credit card offers also go to her email. It also confirms calls from bankers.

However, the aforementioned bank has a different view on it.

“Raifeisenbank seeks to make their daily lives easier for customers. In this way, we try, for example, to prevent the occurrence of an unpleasant situation where, after paying for goods or services at a merchant, a customer does not have enough funds in his account when he tries to pay next time, ” Kotasova continues.

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Customers are simply advised to opt-out of such notifications.

However, according to her, clients usually respond positively to information about the lack of funds on the account.

“We have not recorded any negative feedback so far. It will enable them to avoid possible inconveniences when trying to pay for other goods or services,” concludes Kotasova.