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I'm still upset by Ramy Jamal, who tops the YouTube trend

I’m still upset by Ramy Jamal, who tops the YouTube trend

The artist Ramy Gamal topped the trend of the video site “YouTube”, after releasing his latest songs, which are called “Lessa Kalam Zaalan”, which he presented yesterday, and approached half a million views. The seventh song from his album “Welsa”, which is released consecutively throughout the year.

Ramy Jamal commented on the song through his account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, saying: “Every one of us has the person whose absence is not compensated, whether a lover, father, mother, brother or friend, and I sing this song, I used to sing it with a sense of fear of losing any dear. … you liked the song, or not, and if you liked it, you don’t mind, because it is the only motive and the most important evaluation of the artist.”

A few weeks ago, Ramy Gamal released the song “Khaliky”, in which he collaborated with the poet Ahmed Tabarak, composed by Gharib, distributed by Sam, mix and master Maher Salah, and the fifth song, entitled “We Could Concord”, from his album “Walsa”, which is from the words of Ahmed Hassan Raoul. It was composed by Mohamed Hamza, arranged by Amin Nabil, and the song “Qulett Al-Ehsas” was written by Jamal Al-Khouli, composed by Ramy Gamal, and arranged and mixed by Wissam Abdel Moneim..

Among the previous songs that were released are the song “One Minute” written by Rafiq Naguib, composed by Yasser Nour, music distribution, mixage, master Wissam Abdel Moneim, and “Mbatkbrish” from the words of Ahmed Al-Malki, composed by Sahem, distributed by Nader Hamdi, and the song “Walsa” from the lyrics Jamal Al-Khouli, composed by Ramy Jamal, and arranged by Ahmed Ibrahim.

Ramy Gamal’s album, “Walsa”, is scheduled to be released consecutively during 2021, and includes 10 songs, in which he collaborated with a group of poets, composers and distributors, as well as presenting several tunes in his album.

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