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Imad Eddin Adeeb: We have to advance our interests in the Ukraine crisis

Imad Eddin Adeeb: We have to advance our interests in the Ukraine crisis

At the beginning of his speech, Adeeb confirmed that both the Russian President’s retreat Vladimir Putinor his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, would mean the “political end” of one of them, so they both went ahead with their policies.

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Adeeb said: “It could be the end of Putin, if he fails to realize his theory that Ukraine is the vital part of the country.” RussiaAs for the Ukrainian president, extradition means his political end.”

Adeeb added: “The Russian president was pushed by his military and security imaginations, which led him to extremism in the military action Ukrainian PresidentHis dramatic and television imaginations tended not to accept force equations.

Putin’s old idea

Adeeb stressed that Putin has always believed, that UkraineAnd since the ninth century AD, it has been under the political and religious authority of Moscow, and he believes that Ukraine is a country of the Soviet Union, and the 1991 decision, to abandon the countries of the Soviet Union, is an unforgivable strategic and historical disaster, and his dream is to return these countries to the mother state, which is the Russian Federation. .

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Adeeb said: “The newspaper, Der Spiegel, recently indicated that in March 1991, the leaders of the major European countries met, and decided that it was a Eastern Europe You shouldn’t join NATO, and they promised the Russians that.”

He added, “So from Putin’s point of view, he is defending his vital space, and from Ukraine’s point of view, it sees itself as an independent state with an independent people who choose alliances that serve their interests, and it is not acceptable in this era to impose alliances on it.”

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Dib noted the possibility that we will reach “the absence of a real winner”, and we may see a similar scenario for Germany, as we see eastern Ukraine and western Ukraine.

Emirati role

Adeeb stressed the importance of the Emirati role in Security CouncilWe must appreciate what the UAE has done, being the Arab representative in the Security Council, and it did not take sides with either party, because both of them have their own problems, and this indicates an intelligent approach.

He added: “The phone conversation between Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed And theRussian President Vladimir Putin was very successful, and had it not been for the UAE’s position in the Security Council, its role as a mediator would not have been accepted by Russia.”

Adeeb pointed out that in the end, the Western goal is to destroy Russia’s striking power, and strike the main ally of China, “because we are now in a world that wants to slow down Russia andChinaBecause we live in a division of spheres of influence around the world,” as he put it.

He added: “All countries deal with the crisis according to their interests, and I hope the Arab countries will wait and see their interests, as it is an absurd battle, intended to reveal who will run the world, in a global stage that is being reformulated, so we should not be sacrifices for this battle.”