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Immigrants in the United States warn, Biden’s plea “do not come”

AGI – Immigration pressure on the border between the United States and Mexico is increasing Joe Biden He addressed them with a plea: “Do not leave your homes“The president himself acknowledged that this was an unprecedented visit and that there had been an” uprising “over the past two years. Of course, as Secretary of Defense Alejandro Myorgas pointed out,” the situation on the southern border-west is difficult. We have been working all day to manage it and will continue to do so, “he said.” It will take time and we will not back down from our commitment to success.

The truth is, there are tens of thousands of immigrants, mostly from Central America Gathering at the Mexican border to enter the United StatesAccording to the latest data, in February alone, more than 100,000 illegal immigrants were arrested at the border, including more than 70,000 single adults, nearly 20,000 families and 9,457 helpless minors, many of whom fell ill.

One issue that has triggered a political controversy with Republicans criticizing the government’s excessive relaxation of the Trump administration’s tough border policies is one of the White House’s most immediate challenges. Attracted immigrants to cross the border illegally.

Mayorcos House on Thursday to report to Internal Security Committee: to The White House’s priority now is to prevent an accidental migration crisis without resorting to a ‘heavy’ hand. This categorized Trump’s emigration policy. The former president, in an interview with Fox News, says he is pessimistic: “Obviously, this is something our country cannot handle.

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Illegal border smuggling has been on the rise since last spring, driven somewhat by the deterioration Poverty, famine and violence in Central America. Border police officers were arrested last month in the U.S. About 97,000 immigrants were arrested as they tried to enter the area, the highest number since 2019.

Unlike previous migration waves, under the Trump administration, most of the people trying to leave are single adults, mostly from Mexico. Government a Public Health Emergency Code, also known as Title 42, The immediate expulsion of all adults who have illegally crossed the border, completely avoiding formal arrests and denying them the opportunity to seek asylum.

Introduced in March 2020 by the Trump administration, this immediate expulsion policy aims to reduce congestion in government structures to prevent the spread of the Covit-19. The government has also tried to push families back, but in recent months Mexico has refused to take them back, especially if they have small children. In the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, when most families crossed the border, families were released instead and allowed to seek asylum in the United States.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, the biggest problem is defining unsupported children – immigrants under the age of 18 who travel without parents. LThe Biden administration has chosen not to continue deporting children traveling alone, Referring to U.S. immigration laws and providing them with special protections.

Instead, the children are transferred to a shelter network run by the Department of Health and Human Services, and then HHS officers seek out adult supporters in the United States, usually a parent or family member, to hand over the children. However, the increasing number of children crossing the border is rapidly depleting government resources.

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Two new emergency shelters have opened, one at a convention center in Dallas and the other at a camp for oil field workers in the Midlands of Texas. Mayorkas also said that the Department of Homeland Security would begin paying the border cities 100% to cover the cost of the Govt-19 test and isolation of immigrants released in the United States. Not only that, but the government wants to open refugee treatment centers in Mexico and Central America and issue new rules governing the process of granting asylum.