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Immigrants protest in Britain against deportation to Rwanda |  Freedom

Immigrants protest in Britain against deportation to Rwanda | Freedom

Many refugees in a British detention center have been on a hunger strike since June 14 to protest their deportation to Rwanda.

According to the BBC, 17 people at the Brook House Migration Detention Center in London on Friday shared details of a document they received from the Interior Ministry about their plan to deport them to Rwanda, the Anatolia agency said.

The 20-page document states that the deportation order will take effect on June 14 and that immigrants will not be able to oppose the decision.

According to immigrants, British officials at the detention center confiscated their smartphones and handed them old devices with no camera or internet connection.

Last April, Britain announced a new plan to resettle asylum seekers in Britain and transfer them to Rwanda.


Lord Alfred Tobs, a senior British politician, described his plan to deport immigrants from his country to Rwanda as a “disgraceful policy.”

“I think we have a duty to protect people who have fled their country in search of safety,” Tops told the Anatolian Agency in his office in the British capital, London.

The Conservative government of Britain has won the 2019 general election by promising to grant Brexit and regain control over immigration, refugees and asylum seekers in particular.

In an effort to meet the demands of his supporters, Home Secretary Priti Patel unveiled Rwanda’s plan in April of the same year, which included deportation from France to Britain in small boats across the English Channel to Rwanda.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

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Critics from charities and the Church of England, as well as MPs from all parties, including the ruling party, denounced the move as “an immoral policy that offends Britain”.

Among those critics was Lord Tobes, born in Prague on December 5, 1932, and as part of the efforts of Kindertransport, one of the Czech children rescued from the Nazis between March and September 1939, to help European Jewish children escape safely to Britain. .

Commenting on reports in the local media that Muslims could face discrimination in Rwanda, a country with a conservative Christian outlook, the British politician said, “People should not be sent to a country where they are insecure.”

Regarding the popular “regain control” slogan during the 2016 Brexit referendum, Lord Tobes says “keep immigrants out.”

He described Britain’s withdrawal from the EU as a “catastrophe”: “First, it meant the expulsion of the British from the EU, and then it became the expulsion of immigrants.”

Former Member of Parliament Lord Alfred Tobs: Deportation of immigrants to Rwanda is a “disgraceful policy” (Anatolia)

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Britain’s immigrants.

Local media have reported that more than 9,000 people have arrived in the UK by small boats since the beginning of this year, in a number that Lord Tobes does not consider “big”.

“Refugees represent a small part of the internship, however. Britain is currently suffering from labor shortages,” he pointed out. “His country needs human resources, so it is important to have a fair and humane immigration policy for refugees,” he said.

“If they can mobilize support for the human rights of immigrants and benefit from dealing with the labor shortage in the country, that would be a good solution,” Tops concluded.

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Tops was MP for the center-left Labor Party from 1979 to 1987. In 1994, he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the House of Lords, of which he has been an active member, working tirelessly for refugees and asylum seekers for many years.