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Immigrants think of Biden as the island of Ellis on the border with Mexico

New York – Ellis Island is a type on the border with Mexico. Yes, a mega immigrant sorting center modeled on the island of Customs on the outskirts of New York, where between 1892 and 1924 12 million people – many of them Italians – sought wealth. This is the plan of the President Joe Biden To quickly address the growing humanitarian emergency on Mexico’s border. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, the situation is truly critical: “Tens of thousands of families of asylum seekers, including Venezuelans seeking protection from torture, persecution and arbitrary imprisonment, have been abandoned by US governments and are being extorted and tortured by criminal gangs in Mexico.” That the report accuses.

Yes, because Trump blocked more than 70,000 people in the neighboring country through the “Stay in Mexico” program, saying they should seek refuge there, and in the meantime Mexico would take care of them. It quickly added at least a fraction of the 400 thousand that had been expelled from the previous administration. However, these people lived in marginalization, poverty and extreme hardship, with fears of kidnapping or extortion, thanks to the desperate hope that one day they would be able to enter the United States.

Well, now Biden has suspended that deal that never really worked. Giving the first 25,000 asylum seekers a trial date finally allows them to present their cases in the United States region. But the work is huge and there is a lot of confusion: something more is needed for the long haul. That is why, according to the Washington Post, management is contemplating a new center – which is not yet available and no one really knows where it should be born – in an effort to reduce the duration of procedures to 72 hours, with minors and adults staying in detention centers as much as possible. A big risk to management. On the one hand, he is under pressure from many advocates for the rights of immigrants, and accordingly requires an “orderly and safe” selection system that wants to avoid keeping families – especially children – in prison conditions at all costs. On the other hand, there is a risk of making “the highest entries in the last 20 years”. The event where the Republican is ready to ride right.

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