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Immigration heightens British-French tensions

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Elaf from London: A British television report says the French Interior Minister visited Calais to investigate police efforts against illegal immigration across the English Channel.
The Network (Sky News), the arrival of French Minister Gerald Durman, came after this week’s shooting of dozens of people leaving French shores in inflatable boats, while armed police watched without any reaction.
Gerald Torman is expected to speak with police as tensions with Britain escalate and discuss France’s role in curbing immigration.

TV report

Sky News footage showed dozens of immigrants being blown up on beaches this week, and even in another dinghy, at the start of a dangerous T-trip that was not confronted by French police officers.
The UK Home Office has said it will discuss Sky News footage with its French counterparts after Britain signed a $ 54 million deal with France in July to increase patrols again.
The department described the record rise of immigrant crossings in the UK across the channel this year as “unacceptable”. Home Secretary Priti Patel told France at this week’s Conservative Party conference that France was a “safe country” and that it was “bringing back boats”.
However, more immigrants were able to cross the channel on Saturday as Border Force and Royal National Navy ships brought them to safety in Dover and Dunganes in Kent County.

Yugos Agreement

In addition to the immigration crisis, relations between the United Kingdom and France have been further strained by the AUKUS Tripartite Security Coalition Agreement, which Britain considers hostile to Britain, and the dispute over fisheries rights following Britain’s exit from the European Union.
Professor Jonathan Portes, an economist who spoke with (Sky News), said: “I think there has been a decline in the relationship between the UK and France in this regard, as well as on many other fronts.
He added: “It is difficult to say whether this is an isolated incident or whether it now reflects this widespread decline in French relations in the UK, which could be very detrimental to the UK and France.”

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British Scholarship

The British Home Office paid French officials 54 54 million for a double patrol in the summer, but “there is criticism that the French authorities are not enough.”
Alb Mohammed, chairman of the UK Rights Committee on Immigration Surveillance, said British police had made no effort to prevent the canal from being crossed.
He told Sky News: “They have done nothing to challenge where they entered France. The European Union has done nothing to stop them from coming.
He added, “They are from a safe country [فرنسا] This country is doing nothing to help you stay in that country. “
On Saturday morning, two border patrol vessels reportedly worked to take the migrants safely to the English Channel.

French justifications

The French police failed to intervene at the crossroads for a number of reasons. Adam Parsons, a correspondent for Sky News Europe, said the association’s officials felt that the number of immigrants was higher than the number of immigrants because one boat was carrying about 80 people and the other was “too complicated” for the children.
Police also said that once a boat is launched into the sea it is subject to maritime law so they cannot interfere.
In addition, France again threatened to suspend the UK’s energy supply if the terms of the Brexit agreement were not followed.
Clement Bellon, the French government’s European Minister, said the agreement should be “fully implemented” and – if not – “take European or national steps to put pressure on the UK”.