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Immigration Minister: Ban on Albanians seeking asylum in UK | UK News

The immigration minister said that Albanians should be banned from seeking asylum in the UK.

Robert Jenrick said such people should be “excluded from the right to seek asylum” because they come from a “clearly safe” country.

He said current levels of immigration in the UK were “unsustainable”.

His comments came as the Home Office refused to comment on a report in the Sunday Times which claimed ministers were working on legislation to ban asylum seekers who enter the UK illegally.

Home Secretary Zoila Braverman It is reported that it is emphasized Rishi Sunak Supporting programs to detain every illegal immigrant upon arrival.

The government has faced intense pressure from Tory MPs to tackle the problem of human smugglers ferrying migrants through the canal in small boats.

Albanians made up a third of the 33,000 canal migrants who arrived in the first nine months of the year and were now the “first priority”, Mr Jenrik said.

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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

Last week, Mr. Sunak hosted his first tournament Conversations with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama In it they agreed to close “loopholes” for the prompt return of rejected asylum seekers.

Mr Rama said the UK should stop blaming Albanians for the migrant crisis and stop using doping. Albanian Immigrants to “justify policy failures”.

However, Mr Jenrick told GB News: “Albania It is clearly a safe country. It is very difficult to see how an Albanian can successfully claim asylum in the UK.

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“We have a return agreement, which was signed a year ago, and a thousand Albanians have already returned. We are looking at what can be done there.

We also follow diplomatic channels.

Jenrick warned that illegal immigration would be a problem for “many years to come” and said ministers agreed that overall levels of people entering the country were too high.

Eyewitness: Migrants fill the squalid camp, waiting for boats to cross the canal

International students use universities as a ‘back door’

“One million people cannot enter the country in a year and net immigration is half a million – this is not sustainable,” he said.

“An area ripe for reform” is the rules around student visas and the number of dependents they can bring into the country while they study.

“My concern is that there are people coming to universities here through the back door to bring their families to the UK and stay longer,” he said.

“Many people in the UK use it as a way of life. It’s a big driver of net migration.

He said they were also committed to reducing the “huge backlog” of asylum cases, suggesting they could adopt a “lighter communication process” with people from countries with “very high award rates”.