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Immigration Minister holds a meeting with students in the United Kingdom to participate in the "life of the ified"

Immigration Minister holds a meeting with students in the United Kingdom to participate in the “life of the ified”

The Immigration Center for Dialogue announced that on Sunday 26 September 2 in Cairo, through the Zoom application, in the presence of Ambassador for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Nabila Makram, a group of young people studying abroad will present the discussion. Abroad, to discuss participation with a group of young people studying in the United Kingdom in promoting the President’s initiative for a “decent life” to develop the Egyptian countryside.

The Center confirmed that the seminar marks the beginning of a series of meetings organized by the Ministry of Immigration for young people studying abroad with young students from many countries around the world.

The Center explained by registering:

The Ministry of Overseas Youth Conversation (MEDCE) is the first to connect young people studying abroad with their home country, to benefit from their experiences and to participate in development work. Egypt is currently witnessing.

The center will provide a variety of services and activities with Egyptian students studying abroad, interact with them, and launch a fully interactive platform for the center targeting all Egyptians studying abroad to support their homeland in knowledge and research, whether they wish to return to work in the country or abroad, and against political polarization efforts. Must be a strong wall and culture for young people studying abroad.

The center has a number of events that are digitally and truly segregated, where brainstorming aims to discuss the idea of ​​soft skill training, development and enhancement in digital events, as well as various workshops, lectures on a topic, idea or historical event, conversational sessions with a celebrity to discuss a book Interviews, the center’s future plan, group sessions, an invitation to an idea event on an important topic or a new project related to Egypt in one of the ministries or departments, real events, receptions for new payments, meetings with decision makers in Egypt, lectures and field trips to Egypt’s most important sites and projects.

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