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وزيرة الهجرة تزور قرية المضيق استجابة لرابطة أبناء النوبة بالمملكة المتحدة.. صور

Immigration Minister visits Al-Madik village in response to the Nuba Association in the United Kingdom .. Photos

Immigration and Egyptian Foreign Minister Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel Shaheed confirmed that a special medical vehicle had been arranged to go to the village in the center of Nasr Nuba (al-Madik) in response to the Nuba Association in the United Kingdom. Coordination between government agencies to meet the needs of the villagers within the framework of the President’s initiative emphasizes that a decent life, the Nubia people are in the heart of Egypt.

Ambassador Nabila Makram posted photos of her meeting with Nuba people on her Instagram account: “In response to the Nuba Sons Association in the United Kingdom, visit today with a special medical team. To the village of Nasr Al-Nuba Center (Al-Madik).”

Ambassador Nabila Makram continued: “Coordination between government agencies must meet the needs of the rural population within the framework of the President’s initiative, decent living.” University, Bishops of Services in the Egyptian Church and the Supreme Medical Council of the Cabinet).

Aswan Governor Maj. Gen. Ashraf Attia, Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Minister Ambassador Nabila Makram initiated the “Right Foot for the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Patients” initiative implemented by the Good Makers Foundation for Development. Inside Aswan University Hospital.

It is considered to be the first room in southern Egypt to provide treatment and awareness services for diabetic foot patients to protect them from amputation, offering patients a free monthly treatment worth 19 1900 per month..

Following that, the Minister and the Governor opened a remote diagnostic room in collaboration with the hospitals of the Ministry of Health in exchange for medical expertise on patient cases..









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