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Import contacts from Gmail to Android in several different ways

Import contacts from Gmail to Android in several different ways

Different ways to import contacts from Gmail for Android Most people today carry Android mobile phones and email is one of the essentials of daily work, whether it is for people, companies or businesses, so through the Egypt Brief website it has become the topic of the day. Follow.

Here is more information about step-by-step contact transfer from iPhone to iPhone throughout the topic: Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone in many different ways.

Idea to import contacts from Gmail email

  • The idea of ​​importing contacts from Gmail and transferring them on the Android operating system is based on converting the downloaded contacts and numbers to email to transfer them to the Android mobile phone.
  • The transfer process helps the user to communicate with the contacts stored in the Gmail email by transferring them to the phone so that they are included in the contact list on the phone.
  • When considering starting the process of transferring contacts from Gmail to phone, it is necessary to store these names and numbers in Gmail as part of the free cloud storage service provided by Gmail.
  • When uploading contacts to Gmail, the user can view these names and numbers via a personal computer, as well as by opening a personal email account in Gmail via any phone.
  • It is useful to transfer the contacts to the phone to ensure that the contacts are available and to prevent the loss of the contacts in the event of a factory reset or the desire to retrieve the contacts and save them on another phone.

Importance of moving contacts from Gmail to mobile

  • There is no doubt that all Gmail email users need to make phone calls to interested parties via email and this feature can only be used by linking the email account to the phone.
  • Google ensures that the names and numbers are saved in the Gmail contact lists, and the user needs to import these lists and keep them on the Android phone.

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Import contacts from Gmail for Android

There are three simple ways to import names and numbers to Android and the three steps are summarized as follows:

1_ Use the browser to transfer contacts from Gmail to Android phone

  • You are logged into Google Chrome as a browser from your mobile phone, and the search is performed using (Google Contacts).
  • Open a personal email account in Gmail.
  • The results will be displayed through the search engine where the names can be stored and saved. They appear as the first option in the list of search results on the site and are selected.
  • To store names and numbers, on the site, the user will choose the names and numbers to import or select them all and then click on the import icon from the side menu.
  • In the next step, the user waits for the numbers to be downloaded and saved to the mobile phone.

2_ Use email to transfer contacts from Gmail to your Android phone

  • Log in to the downloaded Gmail program on your personal mobile phone.
  • Open the side menu in the program and click on the People option.
  • When selecting contacts, you will be presented with several options for viewing the stored names and numbers by accessing them through the browser or through the Google Contacts program designed to store contacts.
  • When you select one of the two options presented, a list of registered contacts will open.
  • The names and numbers are selected and the import option is clicked.

3_ Use the Google Contacts app to import contacts from Gmail to your Android phone

  • All names and numbers stored in your personal Gmail email are automatically saved in the Google Contacts app.
  • The user can open the application via the web browser on the computer or by downloading the Google Contacts application from the Google Play Store.
  • Google contacts are searched on the Google Play Store, and the app is freely available within the services offered by Google.
  • When the application called Contacts appears, click on Download and wait for the application to be downloaded and installed on the mobile phone.
  • After installing the application, all previously stored contacts will be found.
  • All names and numbers that will appear in the application are copied so that they are transferred to the personal phone and stored in contacts, and some may choose to keep the names and numbers stored in the application for reference when necessary.

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Ability to save contacts in Gmail

  • For anyone who has an email in Gmail, the emails they receive for the contact are automatically saved to their Google Contacts list.
  • This feature allows to save more numbers and names, thus simplifying the process of returning to them at any time, and so far Google has set the maximum number of registered contacts, which is 25,000 and not exceeded.
  • A Gmail user may not have enough information to make use of the contacts stored in it, but Gmail provides a variety of tools for checking contacts.

How to remove unwanted contacts from Gmail contact list

Sometimes a user may want to get rid of the contacts registered in Google Gmail when they become no longer associated with them.

When you want to remove some names from contacts, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  • Click Contacts in your personal Gmail account.
  • The asset that the user wants to remove is selected.
  • Access a submenu that opens from three vertical dots next to the person.
  • Click on the delete option and the contact will be removed completely.

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Ways to save a new contact in Gmail

  • Gmail contact list is one of the best services that it offers to all Gmail email registrars because it guarantees a list of contacts’ names and numbers that can be accessed at any time.
  • Since Gmail provides editing service by editing this list, adding it to the list or removing a specific contact, Gmail allows to save and retrieve contacts and source data as needed.

To register a new Gmail contact, you must follow these steps:

  • Gmail personal email account is accessed.
  • The contact list is accessed via the inbox.
  • Click the menu in the upper right corner of the page to open the menu.
  • Contacts are pressed to open them.
  • Click the (+) sign at the bottom right of the page to add a new contact.
  • The contact you want to save is saved, then press Create.
  • A form for editing a contact will open.
  • All data that can be added about the new contact is included, including phone numbers, email address, photos and other available data.

At the end of the topic, we would like to give a simple explanation of the idea of ​​transferring names and numbers from email to Android mobile phones.

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Finally, at the end of today’s trip, we can focus on what has been covered regarding the idea of ​​import, with the different ways of importing contacts from gmail for Android, a key factor in keeping contacts safe and ensuring that these numbers and names are not lost under any circumstances.

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