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Important electricity for each one at an automatic washing machine

Most of the citizens are now looking for the most convenient ways, and you find that there are a number of them who have an automatic washing machine, as it saves effort and time in washing clothes, but they do not know the correct way to deal with it, and this is the most important thing.

Therefore, we publish important words for you from one of the pages of the Ministry of Electricity, which I published hours ago, and through which it provides several tips and information for citizens who own automatic washing machines.

Information and advice from electricity to operate the automatic washing machine

Where some people run the washing machine daily and for long periods, and this is wrong and exhausts the washing machine a lot.

It reduces its years of service, and the number of times it is appropriate to operate the washing machine; In order to preserve it

To increase its life span, and to save electricity and water at home.

Thus running the washing machine three to four times a week, at an appropriate rate,

But in the event that a person is forced to operate the washing machine daily, the period between washing and washing must be at least three to four hours; In order to rest the motor and the rest of the parts of the washing machine,

The washing machine can be operated daily if the person operates it once a day.

It is preferable to sort the clothes apart according to the color and the quality of the fabric.

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– Put the right amount of clothes in the washing machine, it is preferable that the washing machine be filled a little more than half.

– Choose the appropriate cycle for each type of clothes, and you will find the washing cycles written on the washing machine panel, just choose,

Then it will appear to you The appropriate temperature, the amount of water, and the end time.

Put the soap, detergent, or perfume in the drawer of the washing machine, turn on your washing machine, and name God.

– You must keep the instruction book provided with the washing machine to know the washing machine programs and return to the notebook when you are confused about something.

– You must read the care label instructions for the items of clothing to be washed; To protect fabrics from damage