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Important features in your smartphone that you may not know!

Important features in your smartphone that you may not know!

Palestine today – Gaza

It’s 3:00 PM

April 30 2022

The smartphone has become in the life of modern man an indispensable assistant in many matters of home, work and education.

“Not everyone knows that many useful, and at the same time not obvious, functions are ‘installed’ in the devices,” said assistant professor at the Department of Information Security Systems Yevgeny Kashkin.

For example, smartphones can run on the Android operating system in what is called safe mode.

He added, “This system is useful if the phone is frozen or infected with a virus. When the phone is running in this mode, all third-party applications automatically stop working on it. This way you can clean the system and remove unnecessary programs that prevent the correct operation of the device.”

Its activation, according to Kashkin, is simple: “Turn off the smartphone in the usual way; after the power off button appears on the screen, press and hold it. Then confirm the restart in safe mode.”

There is also a way to make switching between multiple applications faster – double clicking on the “Menu” button will immediately return to the previous open program. The expert explained that the repeated action will return to the original “window”.

In addition, “Android” contains a system of secret codes, for example, the key combination * # 06 # allows you to find out the unique identification number of your device “IMEI”; – * # * # 0 * # * # * – display test; *#*#4636#*#* – Discover a lot of data about the smartphone and its battery.

The built-in magnifier is the indispensable assistant for people with poor eyesight or owners of smartphones with a small screen. In the phone settings, select the “Accessibility” section, then “Zoom gestures”. A specific section of the screen can now be enlarged by tapping three times with your finger.

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There are, according to the expert, features in “iOS”. For example, the “Home” button can be used for an emergency restart of a smartphone: it is enough to press it for 10 seconds at the same time with the lock button. Double-tapping the Home sensor will “lower” the screen a bit, allowing you to access the top icons.

iOS also has many hidden features that make it easier to work with text. So, just shake your iPhone, and it will offer to delete the last action. Apple smartphones also support the “Screen Loud” function. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and activate the feature. It is enough to swipe with two fingers from the bottom up, and the iPhone will speak the text and in any application.

As the expert notes, in “iOS 12” and later versions, another important “alternate appearance” feature appeared, which involves remembering another person using “Face ID”. This will allow spouses or another trusted person to use the smartphone, for example, in an emergency.