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In a hat and casual clothes.. Watch Georgina wandering around a pharmacy in Riyadh

After the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Riyadh after signing a historic deal with Al-Nasr Club, it became Girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo It is of interest to many, as they monitor its movements everywhere in the Saudi capital.

In a new video, social media pioneers shared a video clip of Argentine model Georgina Rodrigues in a pharmacy in Saudi Arabia.

And Georgina appeared, wearing a hat and sportswear, accompanied by Cristiano’s eldest son, and some people inside a pharmacy in Riyadh.

Cristiano Junior (the son) appeared to be coughing, which sparked speculation that he was the reason for Georgina’s visit to the pharmacy.

At the Kingdom Mall

Earlier, tweeters circulated a video of the glamorous 28-year-old while she was standing By shopping at the Kingdom Mall in the capital with her children.

Yesterday, Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of world star Cristiano Ronaldo, published, A video of her and her children attending the presentation ceremony of the Portuguese player to Al-Nasr Club in Riyadh. And this is to the tune of the song of the Palestinian artist, Muhammad Assaf, and the Lebanese Canadian, Massari, “Let’s continue… my love.”

And she wrote on her Instagram account, Thursday, “Thank you very much to Saudi Arabia for this wonderful welcome.”

She also added, “We are very excited about this new adventure with Al-Nasr Saudi Club, and we would like to thank everyone who turned this event into a reality.”

It is noteworthy that the Saudi club Al-Nasr announced on Saturday its contract with Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo officially until the summer of 2025.

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